What's After Cthulhu?

So feedback tool looking pretty sparse under planned and in progress…
A few items (10) under Snapshot proposed, and a lot of user submitted suggestions under feedback and I’m still eagerly anticipating Festering Skies and what new environments Legacy of the Ancients will bring.

With the world thrown into disorder due to the pandemic and forced to adapt to new ways of work, naturally things have changed.

Any chance we can get an updated road-map with rough guesstimates as to what the future holds?

Aparently some Batman tiein in september :grin:

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Where did you get this from? Did I miss an update post? Wackadoo! Arkham? That means more Lovecraftian horror on the way?

It was on the update e-mail


My goodness… I completely missed that in the Cthulhu update newsletter.
In my defense, I was rushing off to update P.P. and maybe didn’t read the email as thoroughly as I should have.

As mentioned by Julian - it’s from the Newsletter.

Lovecraft seems it be the naming convention. I have no clue what could be planned for Arkham, though right now I am more interested in DLC content, as that comes sooner.

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