What's with the launcher?

I already hate that launcher… Ticked off the P2P connection, run launcher as administrator, nothing helps, bb3 is downloading/installing with horribly slow speed…
BUT the worst thing is, I am trying to do this for the second time: earlier, right at the end of installation (it took several hours!) I got window pop-up with error and my game wasn’t installed properly…Now I have to start downloading from the very beginning!

My question is, was launcher so necessary? Maybe it looks cool but many of us have problems with download speed or download at all…

believe it or not, but in the long run the launcher will cause fewer issues than downloading ALL the files for each Backer Build, each time. Plus a lot fewer Xsolla email issues.


Amen to that, no more Xsolia please.

@Kings_Rook, I don’t know. What I know is that I’ve been trying to download this build for 2 days and can not… It’s ridiculous.

Frankly, these issues are par for the course with Xsolla, so the less you have to deal with, the better

From what it looks like, I’m not the only one with launcher problems? And there seems to be no solution?
I too was downloading it last night, but I had to go to bed to get ready for work the next day. I come home from work, excited to play, and it just says ‘Install’ on the launcher.
This happened after downloading a lengthy Launcher Update. So I must download the whole thing again and cross my fingers?

I dug around the files and finally found it. If anyone wants to know, I am running on a Windows 10. I found the file in a folder titled game_Phoenix Point_22877. I was able to sync it up after that

I can’t even get the launcher to load on my computer, 2 phone calls, emails to xsolla and still nothing working. They sent me and email and told me to try it again, and once again Microsoft tells me that their certificate is invalid and it won’t let me even download their broken launcher. Getting very frustrated to say the least. I’m almost to the point of asking for a refund.

Have you allowed it through your windows firewall?

I had no problem with the launcher and it downloaded in about the time it took me to register for this forum.

But I’m not really a fan of having a launcher for this game when it could just be on Steam and be far less of a hassle.

The game is going to be on Steam eventually, right? So why not use its ease of deploy/update (benefit to devs) and spare us a 200MB launcher (wtf?) for one game.

This whole Xsolla and now launcher thing seem like a waste of time and effort on top of being clunky for players.

The game will be available on Steam and GOG at release, but to use their servers for distribution, you usually have to (at least) make the game purchasable on their platform (games which are not on Steam’s storefront have only 1000 keys for example), which means they’ll take the “usual” cut (we don’t know the exact amount 'cos the NDAs, but 30% is floating around for default percentage).

I hate xsolla with a passion (though the inability to upgrade my pledge may help me spend less on useless things, so that might be a good thing after all) , but from a money (business) standpoint, it makes some sense, the amount of money you lose due to problems with backer-build delivery (besides the worktime, maybe some player refrains from upgrading to a higher tier? not sure how many can they be) should be a lot less than paying for steam/gog before they are really “needed”.

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Ah, I see why they’d wanna avoid Steam, in that case. But even so…I try to be patient, but I’ll be damned if xsolla isn’t making it hard >:[