Refund from the Game

Who do I contact on getting a refund. The customer service of xsolla or lack of has frustrated me to no ends. All I get from them is to try the link again and I get the same issues that their launcher won’t even launch and that the certificate is invalid.


Hi. I responded to your previous comment in the other thread to see if I can help you out. If you could give me a little detail on the issue you’re having.

I’ve been trying to find any info I can while waiting for your reply. I can’t find a single support ticket on Xsolla’s system against either your email address or Transaction ID number.

Not Sure if this will paste but here goes.

Xsolla Customer Service


You request (# 2865507) has been updated. To proceed with this issue you could just answer this e-mail:

Nataly (Xsolla Inc.)

Nov 15, 1:25 PM +05

We apologize for the issue you are currently facing.

Please send a screenshot of the issue, and the link to the error page, so that we can forward this issue to our tech specialists to ensure a quick resolution. Thank you for your patience.


Nov 15, 7:43 AM +05

The address still doesn’t work, and I don’t know how to change my vpn nor do I want too. I will be contacting developer that I’m requesting a refund due to the inability of your launcher to launch.

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Interesting thing is that someone want a refund because an early version of the game isn’t finished and polished as final product. But it is free will I think. :wink: No matter the reasoning behind that. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you bought the more expensive package with early access, but that doesn’t work for you, it makes sense to refund (then optionally purchase it again when it finally will work, possibly cheaper).

But I’m not sure if those higher packages will be available in the time of release. And Snapshot said that the price will go up even for those lower packages. If BB2 worked for them, and BB3 is not, then maybe BB4 will. I would not resign because one of early iterations failed to launch in the first few days from release. :slight_smile: But well. Maybe they will invest this cash in bitcoin or something. :wink:

Until the first or second sale or so :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes but you need to wait for that who knows how long. :slight_smile: Nevermind, not my problem.

Probably not longer than I have to wait for Xsolla to allow me to upgrade my pledge :stuck_out_tongue:

(Though I’m not sure I want to do that anymore anyway.)

It’s all to do with how you view a company that e.g. takes ages to do something, then doesn’t do it, then uses another company that doesn’t actually deal with the problem but just rehashes the same response rather than looking into something in more depth coupled with e.g. being used as a test subject for a product that has been paid for, is incomplete, etc, etc. Bar the fact that those who buy games are a passive audience, etc, this industry would not be able to run as it so often does. I understand those who just want to get in and do something for something that they paid for a long time ago and probably did so as a gesture of faith (i.e. there is some personal, emotiional input there).

As matters stand I, another customer, am slightly aggrieved at both the length of time obtaining this product in a workable state is taking and taking into account the fact that this has been in development for a long time already. I understand it was already more than just an idea in March 2016 and the way it was presented was that the product would be ready by now. Given that we are not too far away from what is, I believe, the full launch we are currently (apparently) working on a pre-alpha, not even an alpha, certainly nowhere near a beta. And then someone can’t even get into it. Yeah, I think they have a case and Snapshot should look at a high level how they conduct themselves rather than at some point talk about ‘lessons learned’.

Hope that helps you understand it from a customer perspective and why someone would be so hacked off they think the company they have to deal with doesn’t deserve their money.

Ok. Fine by me. I just know that Snapshot Games is small business. I know nothing about xsolla. I completely understand why SG can’t handle too many situations at once. But as you say, customers can show their disappointment and take their money.