Download/Install Problems :(

I followed my BB2 link and that let me download the installer. The installer started downloading 3000+ MB of a file. I had to leave, and when I came back I have no clue if it downloaded and installed. If I start up the installer is just gives me an option to install. If I try find game the PP folder is empty. If I try to redownload, it just sits endlessly at busy.

I eventually received an email saying download game but the email was empty. :frowning: Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Dan T.

If it had installed, the installer would be saying play. From the looks of it, you’ll have to download the game again. Sorry

Would it be BUSY trying to determine what portions of files were already downloaded? After 30 min it is still BUSY and everything is at 0.

that is a different issue. Check to see if it is using P2P downloading or not by clicking on your email address in the top right corner of the launcher and then clicking settings. Then uncheck P2P if checked.

If you still aren’t downloading, try running the launcher in Admin mode