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It’s not something that I have any comment on. However, I can assure you that we had no contractual obligation to release at a certain time either with Epic Games or any of our other partners.

Oh come on. Just think about it for a while. :slight_smile: We are intelligent people here (mostly).

Definitely there was no obligation from Epic side - it was even mentioned during Epic switch, that Epic has no control over what is Snapshot doing, except exclusivity period where game will sell.

Snapshot definitely has some plans, and one of those plans are the DLCs and second is release on Steam year after Epic launch.

There are also other titles coming to the surface. There will be Xenonauts 2, probably XCOM 3 is during development stage. And probably some other titles which may get inspired by Phoenix Point crowdfunding success. They will come at some point to the community. And there will be also other releases which may diverge player community from turn based strategies (having Cyberpunk 2077 in mind, but there may be other great titles in 2020).

Sure Snapshot could delay release for next 3 or 6 months. But that would mean delay in DLCs and “final” Steam release. That could mean competing with those other titles where the design of Phoenix Point could become less “fresh, invigorating and innovative”.

In my opinion it was better to release game unfinished and let it get shape during that “testing” period of one year of Epic exclusivity. Snapshot will upgrade the title during this time and at the end of 2020 players’ community will be happy. Just think about what was promised during interviews, or in posts on this forum and even shown in development gameplays. It probably is still worked on. I doubt that Snapshot or Julian himself would abandon ideas which promoted the game and promised us a great title.

Of course there will be handful amount of players which will play now, will get disgust and will never come back to this title. But… remember that most loyal players probably have their Season Pass with them and will wait for next DLC to check what will change. Then they will set their verdict on the game. For me Phoenix Point right now is like 6/10 game due to bugs and imbalance (7/10 for players who love this kind of games). But I see its potential and it definitely can become 8/10 title on overall market and 10/10 in “X-COM” genre.

If Phoenix Point will be fixed the way I would like it to be, I will definitely buy a sequel to play it with my kids - it can be that they will be old enough to understand complexity of that next game. :wink:

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As we are getting responses to questions currently.

Will the balancing issues with the game be addressed in the future? Especially in regards to the overall difficulty of the game, regardless of the difficulty mode selected at the beginning of the game. Or is that an issue that is not going to be addressed?

I hope the developers make easy mode easier, but don’t simplify harder game modes. My first playthrough is Heroic and I enjoy that difficulty level.

This is what I mean about making up their own conclusions :wink:

They wanted to release it before holiday time because that is the time when more people buy video games.

Bad thing would be that features which are planed (or even promised) in basic game version end up in DLC. This game is unfinished and they should first finish basic version before start working on DLC. But as a developer, from experience with “marketing guys” and managers, I believe that now they have more devs working on DLC than on bug fixing. Extremely unfair would be that they start selling complete basic version as DLC.

@UnstableVoltage - Thank you for telling us what you could.

On a different note, is it worth snapshot doing some kind of an ‘Ask Me Anything’? I remember that being really popular when Julian did similar for Chaos Reborn.

In patch notes there is a note they are still working on balance.

I doubt that planned features for full release will be IN paid DLC. I suppose they can show up in patch preparing game for the DLC, but not as a DLC itself.

I hope you are right

Can’t imagine those kind of pressure behind the desk…ganbaaattteee devs team!

When they are secure financially I suppose there is no pressure. :slight_smile:

I could be wrong, and again the auto scaling aspects make it more complicate, but I’m progressing in a Legend play, Legend is harsher on some aspects, but overall quite easier than Easy for combats and auto scaling aspect… Or it’s a big change on that since last patch.

So you’re saying Snapshot pulled a huge and totally legal prank on Epic? With EGS giving all the money in the world, and Snapshot going “yeah, sure, you’re cool, and we totally accept your money, but our real love is Steam!”. That would be quite the mind blown for all the Epic deal ragers.

Hmm, I wouldn’t assume it was intentional, but may be described like that. :smiley:

I believe they have deadline to be completed on schedule :face_with_raised_eyebrow:?

Not in gaming industry where you have freedom and are not dependent on publishers. :slight_smile:

That’s bad for a game company if they don’t have any schedule for it, even for indies. I don’t believe if the devs don’t have any ‘pressure’ thou. What made you think they don’t have any kind pressure? What I’m thinking it’s more than secure financially, since they have titles and some record that need to be keep.

If we get back to the OP complaint a bit, how long was it again before “has PP been abandoned by devs :sob:” - post? One week after release or was that during Xmas period?

Intuition. :slight_smile: Of course there may be some little pressure to meet small sprint deadlines, but it is more important now to provide good quality over making it fast. :slight_smile:

That’s subjective, well I guess it’s another kind of pressure they going to face it in their milestone :slightly_smiling_face:, rushing in production usually end up bad quality :sweat_smile:.

Can’t wait to see upcoming updates from the devs.