Canny Feedback Tool Updates?

Is there going to be an official update on these forums (or changes on Canny itself) at some point regarding which topics from the Canny feedback list are being considered/reviewed/prioritized by the devs? Or a timeline for when the dev team is planning to start using the “customer insight” features of Canny previously mentioned in Our New Player Feedback Tool is LIVE (public roadmap, actively marking topics under review / in progress / completed, showing when devs have been assigned to a topic, etc) so we can have an idea about progress and roughly how many sprints/patches before we see any feedback/changes accepted by the dev team in the game.

So far 3 bugs from the list have been addressed and marked “Completed” as of the last patch, but right now there’s only 1 topic marked as “In Progress”. There is nothing marked as “Under Review” or “Planned”.

Engagement with the feedback tool by players/customers seems to have died down after the first week of it going live, potentially due to most avid/active players having already shared their thoughts on the topics they care about and seeing no major visibility updates yet on Canny for the public.

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Hi. I can’t give a timeline at the moment. However, the team are starting to go through the suggestion so they should start getting flagged soon.

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One of them needs to go back to ‘in progress’ too; the increased power bug is still at large.

Wow, thanks for the prompt reply! Looking forward to it. I’d love to see the list get updated with what the devs think are important suggestions they want to take on and add to the game, and a roadmap would be an amazing addition once that feature gets enabled.

Also judging by forum posts, this does indeed still seem to be a thing that needs to be addressed (potentially some edge cases got missed).