What's going on with DLC4 and GOG?

Not so happy it was delayed a week, but patch notes said it would be out today, and it’s late in the day already. Is it slipping again? What’s up?

It’s possible that it got delayed due to hotfixes that where just recently pushed out.

Announcement from SGs Discord Channel (Discord):

Snapshot_EE — gestern um 23:31 Uhr
Just a small update on the GOG release for Hypnos and Corrupted Horizons. While the content update and DLC should be ready by early next week, it’s likely we will bundle the release with the recent hotfix which may cause some delays until later next week.

We will share more specifics on timing as soon as we lock that in, but we appreciate your patience here in the interim.

Shame on me for wanting DRM-free software. I get the bundling of the hotfix but still. Two weeks?

I think that PP is DRM -free on all 3 stores.

Is those 2 weeks really so important? I prefer wait and have the build updated with most important fixes.

PP has been getting “important fixes” ever since it launched. As for their actual importence, it’s more that i would expect all the marketplaces to have the same treatment. Not like we’re talking Sony or Microsoft consoles where releases, and patches, need to be thoroughly certified and where the process takes up to a month.

Not sure what the hold up is on the GoG release, but i do expect parity for digital marketplaces, and not feel like a second rate citizen because i chose to receive their product on GOG (i’m a fig og backer), instead of Epic or Steam.

I also wait and I’m Backer… Well GOG is probably smaller audience thus is pushed little later. Still we will get fixed product instead of testing it like all Steam, Epic or console players.

As I understand it GoG need to do their thing with the game before it is available and it is out of Snapshot’s hands. The fix may have inpacted the time also.

I am not Snapshot but this is what was said last time there was a delay.