Patch 1.9.1 on Gog

I looking for the yesterdays patch on Gog, but nothing is happening or downloading. Is there a delay for Gog platform, or is there a problem with my Galaxy client?

The “patch” in my galaxy says 1.9.3, but ingame ofc it’s 1.9 Polaris (GOG), so probably just the usual gog-delay for quick patches.

Hmm, I hear the first time about “usual Gog-delay”, but it seems weird, because the patch was announced for all platforms and other platforms seems to receive the patch in time…

In other games, I frequently have gog delay the patch by a few (work-)days, but I’m playing more small games than bignames, so that might influence things.

The patch landed on gog today, so it was probably just the usual gog delay then.