About GOG updates

i copy paste the post i made on GOG forums in order to have a chance from the snapsot devs to clarify the situation ( number ‘e’ dont concern them directly ) maybe press to find a solution and finally make me play the game again.

" I insta bought the game once came on GOG platform but the delays of the updates are utterly unacceptable.

a) some players can only find so much time ( with kids, work , etc) to play their favorite game and test or see its improvements and their next opportunity could well be after many days.

b) different version of the game makes the moding community to lose pace. for instance. A “gog” moder cant make his mod working with the game because he hasnt got the latest version of it. “steam” players report false bugs cause have no clue about the “gog not udate games” situation. its irritating the least.

c) I am not sure what is the case behind these delays. I saw other games not updated at all and its devs responcibility ( not make enough profit from gog platform and dont worth the time update their DRM-free version of their game.
On the other hand snapsot clarified that they send the patched version on all platforms ( steam , gog and epic ) the same time. what is the case here?

d) we are not able to download any extra content from the devs ( HAPPYHEAVYHOLIDAYS 4 weaks after holidays is a bad joke )

e) Despite In many cases DEVs and other platform users treat us, gog users, as second class gamers ( think that outside steam you are a pirate, devs not support with patches, multiplayer problems, harder mod integration ) i bought over 200 games on GOG the last year ( i really played and play only 8-10 ) mostly to support the devs i believe they deserve supporting, to preserve copies of old games i played as a kid and most of all to support the DRM-free policy of GOG. B U T in this case it seems GOG is the one directly treat us as a second class buyers. they need to explain us the cause of these delays and better be a good excuse. Not respond is not excuse or something we should get over with.

really disappointed"

GOG is a curated platform - I don’t know the exact process but I believe GOG reviews and approves new releases/patches. I can’t tell you what delayed PP patch that much, but I would suspect it was on GOG’s end.

PP has low priority on GOG. Other games are getting immediate updates, such as Cyberpunk 2077.

I know that gog kind of reviewing the patches ( considering the so long times of waiting though someone could believe they do beta testing and bug fixing and maybe post developing also ) the low priority doesnt seem reasonable excuse because other games from small developers ( ex. Field of glory 2, battle brothers ) are almost instantly updated . Something else seems to be the problem. Snapsot are really energetic dev team and I would expect from them a more pressing stance for their game treatment.

I’ll share this in its own post, but to respond specifically here:

The latest update should now be live on GOG, but wanted to shed some light around the recent delays. We work closely with the GOG team to roll out our updates on their platform. We keep them aware of when we plan to deploy patches, but we do not package the new builds within their ecosystem, we rely on them to do this. Because of this, our deployment on GOG is slower than on other platforms, where we deploy directly. Typically, that turnaround should only be about one to two business days.

For Orryx, however, we ran into a few issues after releasing the update while GOG was working on deploying it. As a result of these issues, which we hotfixed on other platforms, we asked GOG to hold deployment of the Orryx update so we could include the hotfixes in a single deployment, rather than having to wait for multiple deployments after the fact. In other words, we chose a single, slightly longer delay, rather than multiple short delays, one after the other.

We try our best to avoid any delays, but hope you understand why we made that decision in this particular case. We will continue to work with GOG to smooth this process for the future, and we thank you for bearing with us as we get to the place we want to be.

So this is a case of:
Snapshot: “Hey GOG we are doing an update…”
GOG: “OK give me…”
Snapshot: “Oh wait… we need to hotfix the update…”
GOG: “come back in 3 weeks when you are done…”