I was a backer, Steam & Gog

Id this still gonna happen. I was told we would have a choice eventually. Thanks

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Game was released on Epic in December 2019 for a year of exclusivity. It will come to steam and gog once it runs out, in December 2020.

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Damn it seems like a lot longer. Oh well thanks for the info.

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2020 doesn’t want so end :sweat_smile:

One note. Game will be released on both platforms, but you will have to choose Steam OR Gog.

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Yea I knew that. Thanks

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sooo… whats with the dlc and stuff? didn’t they justify the move with they got so much money for additional content? yadda yadda after all~

Not sure what you mean. I know another dlc drops the 26th I think.

Yes. Game is in constant development and there is a season pass for 5DLC, which was granted for existing backers at the moment of the Epic deal. 2nd DLC is about to drop with 3 more to go.

There will be a steam or gog key provided in December for those pre-epic-deal backers for the both base game and season pass, on top of the Epic key that we already got.


Looking forward to Steam release, too! (to me, real world release)

Yea As long as nothing changes.

OK i got a email saying it’s launching on the 3rd of Dec. So when do the backers get our GOG keys? Thanks

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First of all, there is no confirmation of GOG release as of yet. That said I wouldn’t worry about it just yet - GOG is a curated store, and games need to be approved before they can be released on GOG.

It is still some weeks before planned Dec3 release. I expect the keys to be send out closer to release.

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Well there was way back in 2017 or whenever it was I heard steam or GOG keys. but nothing surprises me about PP anymore.