Whatever happened to those nice multi-level Nests?

Having played a fair amount of BB5 now, I realise that the Nest plans are a lot more 1-dimensional than they used to be.
I’m hoping that’s just because I’ve only encountered Stage 1 Nests so far (I have a policy of eradicating all Nests in my ZOC the minute they appear).
I used to love the look of those overlapping multi-level nests with flyovers and precipices in BB3 or 4. Please tell me they’re still there in the higher level Pandoran hives, and I’ve simply not encountered them yet.

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Hurrah! :partying_face:

BTW, I just got my first ass-whuppin’. Admittedly it was just 3 members of my secondary squad with a Scarab, who blundered into a Haven Defence involving 18 of the paralysis dudes armed with Sniper and Assault Rifles - backed up by at least 2 Sirens. But it was good to be facing an enemy that seriously outclassed me for once.
I exercised the better part of valour and bugged out when the second Siren showed up.
Now I need to get Squad 1 back from the Base I’ve just found to clean up the mess, which I hope is going to be punishingly difficult - woo-hoo! :sunglasses:


Found one! And it is BEAUTIFUL!

Of course, the damn thing hung on me after the first PandaMove, but man did it look good! Almost worth letting the Pandas run wild for a while, just so I get to explore one :yum:

Finally got the time to play through the Lair, after applying @Decius’s fix for the hang issue.

That was FUN - just the kind of challenge I was looking for. We won it with no losses, but it got seriously hairy when the FOURTH Siren suddenly appeared out of nowhere. 4 of my guys staggered out wounded, and I was running so seriously low on ammo that I was reduced to beating that last Siren to death with a hammer.

Here’s hoping that Tuesday 3rd brings more like this. That’s more like it! :grin:

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What’s the fix? I, still having issues.

Actually, the fix was @Draconian’s - he posted it on Decius’s thread.

Shoulda been fixed by now, but if that’s what’s blocking you, it obviously hasn’t been :thinking: