Patch 1.0.55225 "Miskatonic" - 31/01/2020

Today we released patch 1.0.55225 “Miskatonic” for Phoenix Point on the Epic Games Store to address the following bugs:


  • Fixed a hang when using the Technician’s Manual Control ability on a structural target
  • Fixed a hang when a Technician’s turret returns fire and kills an enemy
  • Fixed a hang when entering the Scarab in the first Tutorial mission
  • Fixed an issue where the player’s units could be deployed inside of walls on some story missions
  • Fixed an issue where the Spider Drone Pack ability claimed the player didn’t have enough ammo
  • Fixed an issue where loading a game with the bonus power research caused the player’s facilities to power down
  • Fixed an issue where Dash, Jet Jump, Deploy Turret, and Vanish couldn’t be used on specific maps
  • Improved the Scylla’s AI so it no longer spawns Mindfraggers inside environmental objects
  • Fixed an issue where the player’s units couldn’t navigate certain parts of the Moonshot mission


  • Fixed an issue where Synedrion Research maps didn’t spawn enough consoles for the player to hack
  • Fixed an issue where vehicles and Mutogs couldn’t navigate Phoenix Base maps
  • Fixed an issue where units could walk inside certain walls of the Phoenix Base maps
  • Improved the collision box of certain environmental elements inside Alien Bases which blocked shots
  • Fixed an issue where certain cover spots in Synedrion maps weren’t shown by the UI
  • Fixed an issue where units couldn’t vault over some windows in New Jericho maps
  • Improved the transparency effect on certain buildings inside Synedrion maps
  • Added enemy reinforcement icons to Ambush maps
  • Fixed an issue where the player’s units couldn’t jump through circular windows on the roofs of Disciples of Anu maps and destroying the window broke the whole building
  • Fixed several issues where environmental props remained floating in the air when the floor beneath them had been destroyed.

We appreciate your patience while we are working through the bug reports. There are still some issues which have been reported that are not covered in this patch. Rest assured, the team is working to resolve all bugs as quickly as possible. If you do encounter any in-game bugs, please hit the F12 key to send a bug report directly to our QA department.

Expect the patch to follow slightly later on the Windows Store/Game Pass after certification.