Just as it was getting interesting

With real sadness, I think I’m gonna have to stop here.

The game was finally starting to get interesting. I’d stopped being able to control Nest spawns, and begun facing Haven assaults of multiple paralysis dudes with Sniper rifles (I can never remember their name - starts with ‘M’) and Sirens. But I’m assuming the number of Crabbies was overloading the system, because it hangs at the end at the first turn, after the Haven dudes have moved.
Same thing happened in a Nest assault involving the paralysis dudes, so I’m assuming they’re the common denominator.

This is a real shame. It’s taken about 30+ hours of fairly repetitive gameplay to get to a point where the game finally feels worth the effort. I’ve been diligently soldiering on despite not feeling remotely challenged because I believe there’s a really good game just struggling to get out here, and if we can help it break free with our feedback and testing, it’ll all have been worthwhile.

If there’s a console command that can get round that blasted hang, I’d love to know it (end_turn_current_faction doesn’t work, and ‘win’ is even less satisfying than wiping out 15 Crabbies with one hand tied behind your back).

Here’s hoping that the bugs are fixed and this game is all it can be on Dec 3rd.
Good luck with it Snapshot, we’re all rooting for you.

Triton? :smiley: or in developers language Fishman.

Yea, them’s the dudes. M/T, what’s a few letters between Fishmen :wink:

BTW, oh keeper of the command keys, is there any way I can get round that blasted hang or does it really break the game?

lol. I don’t know. I haven’t tried many of them. I was just frustrated with bugs so I keep restarting campaigns. So it may be that you get further than me. :wink:

FYI to the Devs, the single common denominator in all my end-of-turn hangs so far has been the presence of Triton dudes (thanks Yokes) with Assault Rifles.

I’m sure you’ve dealt with this already (I damn well hope so), but belt & braces…

Thank you @Draconian, this completely solved my Hang issues.

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