What is the latest build?

Latest version I am running is 0.5.48579. Do I have to uninstall and install? Should the game auto update? Checked my e-mail nothing found. But I may have deleted it in error. any help would be appreciated.

That’s the version number for the Backer Build, not the full game.

You should have been sent a new key on November 29th for the retail version of the game. This needs to be redeemed on your Epic Games Store account and then you need to install “Phoenix Point”.

“Phoenix Point Backer Build” can be safely uninstalled, and we’ll soon be removing it from player libraries.

okay, I made a mistake I may have purged my old e-mails and might have been caught in the deletion. is it possible to get another key?

uninstalling now, thank you for your help.

Please send us an email to contact@snapshotgames.com and we can find and resend your key.

send the e-mail via yahoo on windows explorer. the link provided seems inoperative.

Already replied with your key!