Version of phönix point

What is the current version of PP?Mine is 0.5.48579.And where is the german translation?I only have the english one.

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I think you have Backer Build 5 installed. You must install the final release. It’s another entry on your library.

THX.i also deinstall the backer.

In the EGS, you should see Phoenix Point Backer Build (if you still have it, or have uninstalled and the files are still available), Phoenix Point Content, and Phoenix Point. That last one is the game.

If you cannot see the latter 2 options you likely haven’t redeemed the key to the full game that was sent out a couple of days ago from If you cannot find it, check in your spam/trash/promotions folders. If you still cannot find them, email them at that email address and include your transaction ID number.