Still seeing backer build on game store

I have pre-purchased the game and have been messing with the backer builds. But I cannot see any other versions in my library, the store front shows editions as available to buy and only the Backer Build is the only visible version of the game. Am I alone in this? Any fix?

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Metoo, backers build only and DLCs and Phoenix point Pre-Purchase which is unavailable

Ah I fixed it by going to game store page in Epic Launcher and see all versions, then Phoenix point appeared!!!

Mine still shows this on launcher? Am I looking in the wrong place? Am I going mad?

Same problem, I still got the Backer Build on my library… Someone has a solution ?

same problem (mac). only backers build in library and bunch of other releases to purchase.

Did you buy these keys from a key site or from epic/snaphot? I think the key sites might have only provided a key for the backer build if you got the “platinum” product. I believe that the actual release keys were emailed out to customer. The backer build product in your epic games list will not turn into the full product. if you received and installeda key for the full product, the backers build would still be in the list.

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same i seem stuck with backer build 5 and unable to update to full version i received an email with an additional key but it downloaded some files for photos and digital merch for the game but not the final build i purchased the platinum addition a few months back

Note you should have gotten your key from xollas for the retail build

Ok great !
Can you tell me how can I send him a message ? :slight_smile:

You downloaded Phoenix Point Content, not Phoenix Point. Phoenix Point is the game.

(apologies if this issue has already been solved)

@TheSmokingFox @Raven @hexeric
If you purchased the game through the website or through Fig then a few days again you will have been email a key from for the full game. Check in your spam/trash/promotions folders for it. If you still cannot find it, email them at with your transaction ID number.

If you purchased the backer build from a site like G2A, then youjust purchased someone else’s key to the backer build, not the key to the full game as those were only sent out a few days ago, and the backer builds do not update to the full game

Ok thanks, I will contact the support in this case

sorry I didn’t to your issue sooner

As I suspected. I’m an idiot. Checked my junk, had an email with a key. Redeemed it and we’re good. So anyone who still struggling, make sure to check that as @Kings_Rook says. And thank you @Kings_Rook, for both your patience and your help.

you’re welcome. Also it’s not your fault. The filters the email services use are to blame