Thought i was playing full version, but I'm playing backer build

I checked everything from junk, spam, trash. I have emailed them and no reply yet. has anyone found a solution. thanks.

Install and play full game. Backers Build 5 won’t be updated anymore.

This is two different games in Epic Store, it seems you didn’t get or registered the new key for Epic store.

I had this problem at first. It’s largely due to the EGS and the horrible UI. For some unknown reason the release version showed up at the bottom of my games library, while BB5 was at the very top. I had assumed that since the game had been out for two weeks EGS had auto-updated to the new version, but no. Being a creature of habit I clicked on the early access version as there was no other Phoenix Point title on the screen. It wasn’t until I scrolled down several pages until I saw the release version hidden at the bottom of the list.

Double check your game library, you should have another game called simply “Phoenix Point” in your library if you added your product key to the EGS. They sent out e-mails titled “Your Phoenix Point Epic Store Key” to all the backers. If you registered that key on EGS you have access to the release version.

If you got your BB5 key by buying it on a grey market site (like G2A), I have a bad news for you: an actual backer had sold you his beta key, but he still retains his access to the released game, and you are left with nothing.