Next DLC compatible with current save?

When the next DLC (Legacy of the Ancients) comes out, will we have to start over? I’m guessing not, since we didn’t with B&T, but I wanted to ask.


You have to start new campaign to have all elements of new DLC. With Blood and Titanium you also had to do that. Otherwise you could only see some of the features, but not all until you tick that DLC at the start of the campaign.

But of course you can continue playing without DLC enabled, and probably part of the content will show up regardless of it being old campaign.

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Thanks, I started playing when the B&T DLC came out so I was just curious!

Do you belive we will have to start a new game from scratch with every DLC update? I’m enjoying the game but this latest update pretty much tossed out hundreds of hours. If there is a need to start a new game with each new DLC Do you think it prob safer to just wait until all or most of the DLC is released before replaying the game?

It one of my favorite games to play and and I’ve been cruising through since the update but since playing since early kick starter beta I’m not sure if I want to keep restarting over and over.

Do you think the developers will put in some sort of reward system for early adopters who have to constantly restart? Maybe a free ship or instant research upgrades would be nice.

You won’t need to start new when Legacy will come out and you will be able to continue with current campaign. But you will need to start new one if you want to see new content.

Recent patch (Cthulhu) was quite unforgiving if it comes to saved games. But I suppose it is one of rare cases where something like that occurs.

Thanks! I’m enjoying the game. the update has def cut down the number of bases you have to defend and it’s a lot easier to grow squads. I might wait till we get closer to when they announce a release date for Festering skies. Doh! game is much better after the update hopefully we get an update soon on DLC relase dates. Epic store is a little confusing it says I pretty much have everything but cant really tell if it was installed though I guess that’s the case if you don’t start a new game to run through everything.

Thanks Again!

Any news on the next DLC, Legacy of the Ancients? Itching to start another play through but figured I would wait on the next DLC so I get the benefits of starting fresh.

Also, I’ve deleted my manual saves but how to I delete the auto save?

%AppData%\..\LocalLow\Snapshot Games Inc\Phoenix Point\EGS

delete autosave there

Thanks, delete the whole folder in there or just the autosave (ZSAV)? There is also an options (JOPT) file in the folder.

only the autosave, other files may be important setting options.

Ok thanks, the folder is a long name with random numbers and letters and there are only those two files inside the folder and both have the same date. I bet you can delete the folder but I’ll just delete the autosave per your suggestion.

Thanks again!