How do I access the current build on Epic?

I am a backer from January 2018 (order number 313748230), I have used early backer builds from xsolla, but looking at the Epic launcher I don’t see any way to download the most current version, nor did I receive an email (that I can find) that included that information. Now that the game is closer to release I’d like to see how it plays, can I get my access back?


ps I looked for a way to ask this question via Support, but I did not find any

Hopefully @UnstableVoltage can help you. Starting with BB4 backer beta was moved to Epic launcher. You should have received an email with the BB key for Epic.

Key for final release will be seperate. You should bet sent out around game release on December 3rd.

on March 27th you should have received an email from titled “your key to backer build 4,” with a key to the Epic Games store. It could have ended up in your spam or trash folder, or your promotions folder if using gmail/hotmail. If the email address associated with your method of payment is different to the one you are searching, check in the other one. If you still cannot find it, send an email to