What happens if you do all tier 3 faction missions?

So there are tier 3 missions for each faction:
Launch codes for NJ
Sixth initiation for Anu
The real virus for Syndrion

I’ve only done one of these. What happens when you do all three of them?

These also will make available a corresponding mission that makes or breaks each factions victory potential:
City upon a hill for NJ
The schism for Anu
Moonshot for Syndrion

Does doing one eliminate the other two? If no, what happens when you do all three? Like how to actually specify whose faction victory you’re pursuing?

First of all, the PX end will “overwrite” any other end regardless of the others are already researched or not.

Otherwise IIRC the first faction end that is researched will trigger the final victory cutscene, or it was the last one, I’m not really sure. The final mission is already always the same, only the Anu end mission differs a bit.
You can of course still do all the other end missions and researches but they don’t change the ending, only exception is the PX end as stated above.

So would it be correct to say that if you do all tier 3 missions, the victory is driven by whatever faction finishes its victory research first? This is partly out of the players hands but PP can speed things up by doing faction research for them.