Getting the end with one faction

A thing that always bothered me:
If I want to end the game with Faction A and got all the threshold missions for them, so are alligned with them, is it contraproductive to do haven defense missions for other factions?

For example:
In my current playthrough I want to get the Synedrion ending. My status with Synedrion is 77 %.

Now I`m getting more haven defense missions from Anu and NJ. And I want to do them for the ressources.

Will I get the last researches and missions for Synedrion, if I do now more missions for Anu and NJ and thus loose points of loyalty for Synedrion below 75?

Yes it is quite tricky…:slight_smile: However it is not that hard, all you need to do is NOT help them (the other factions) focus on Synedrion only missions, don’t save the others let them burn, instead just search the map and get your stuff like that, you can still trade with them even if you don’t save them and even hire recruits. Also when you get closer to the end it is very easy to make a mistake when you select the research because this will determine you ending. Make sure you only select the faction you want the end for when picking your research and DON’T research the “Alternative” that will screw you up I did this three times before I worked it out, it nearly drove me crazy! Anyway, the key is only select the RESEARCH related to your desired ending, just because the others are there in the queue does not mean you must pick it. There are a total of 4 endings but it is very easy to mess it up when your close…:slight_smile: Good luck, hope it helped?

it has never effected me I defend all havens no matter the attacker yes you do lose a few diplomacy points if its a aligned fraction but it balances out by defending a aligned haven or taking out pandoran base’s.

quick note its the final research that locks the fraction endings not the mission.
you can do all the final fraction missions then decide the research route ending you want.

I’m currently making another experience.
I’ve done the threshold missions for Synedrion and helped all the other factions too. I seem to get the last missions for Synedrion too, whereas I fell below 75 % with Synedrion.

Once a diplomacy level is achieved, it’s kept even if the the numbers decrease.

Exactly. And that`s why you can finish the game with any faction, once you reached diplomacy level 3 (allied) with them.

exactly… but you still need to be careful which research you choose I messed that up a few time and had to go back. there should be more info on this, but hay you work it out in the end right…:slight_smile:

I’m not sure about it. Maybe on rookie difficulty. Overall we should not be informed about outcomes of decisions before decision is made. :wink: That makes game more interesting and gives more option to replayability.

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I was referring to being locked into a research line, it does not tell you that once you select it, your locked in! You may have several choices here, the main offender is the “Alternative” research, that stops all the others. All it needs to do is tell you if you pick it that’s it! The rest we can work out, I thought I could do the alternative and have it as a back up plan (AS it states in the game) but no… if you do it you can’t do any other ending… That is what I was reffering to…:slight_smile:

I LOVE ROOKIE LEVEL…:slight_smile: Nothing more satisfying… I am not into self punishment…:slight_smile: