How do I trigger ending mission (Major Spoilers probably)

So I have done the Anu mission where you save Big E from the schism, and completed the Liturgy of Divine Flesh.

Then Exalted explains it will happen “soon”, but nothing is happening? No new site, Anu Temple is not destroyed or anything. It’s been in game days and I’m still just fending off attacks and crushing nests and whatnot.

I do still have that mission to capture a scylla, but from what I understand that’s only meaningful for the neutral-PP path.

Am I missing something or do I just have to wait?

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Okay it just happened, guess I had to wait a bit more :stuck_out_tongue:
P.s. It was good ending I really like this game’s writing!


What I would like to know is how to ‘select’ a particular ending! I’ve just done a play-through where I have unlocked all 3 faction and the Phoenix ‘solutions’. But when I raid the palace I am only presented with the Phoenix virophage device to pick up and use. :thinking:

Actually, I dunno how to trigger any ending mission yet. Do I have to finish all researches or finish all the white objectives shown on the left in Geoscape? Give me a hint please thanks.

If you research the Phoenix solution then the other three ends are blocked. If you want to do one of the other ends then don’t research it, instead wait for the special missions of the factions and help to research their solution.

Buggertje! Thanks for the heads up.

Oh well, haven’t had time to play this weekend and since the new DLC is dropping in a few days… no big loss. :slight_smile:

You need one particular research to unlock any given ending. It all depends what you will research first.

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That means I haven’t reached that stage yet. I wonder if the 1.7 patch will “break” my current game …

It shouldn’t. Especially that patch won’t change too much. And the DLC you will need to activate starting new campaign.

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