More then one palace mission?

OK, I got finished Annu campaign on Hero. Since its very exhausting to start things over, I through continuation of campaign before the Palace mission, just for the other side, would speed things up. Did a lot for NJ, reaching diplomacy 100, Project Nemesis was researched, Fortress has been built but “Plan did not appear”. I did not research Injector to prevent loss of diplomacy.

So, can more then one side “Palace” mission exist within same game, or which we reach before? I have saved and researched Injector, obviously PP plus one side (hereby Annu) can exist and you can pick which you like, but I am asking for e.g. NJ and Annu Palace missions?

You cannot pick, the final research of the factions defines one of the end, I can’t remember exactly if the first or the last counts, but there will definitely be only one Palace and one end even when you research all of them. Finally, the PP end research with the virophage injector overwrites all of them.

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Too bad, will have to do it “all over again Sam” :slight_smile: Thanks for saving my valuable time :slight_smile:

I think if you have a save before any faction completes their final reasearch, you can assist the one you choose in your own research-tab to get to different ending - instead of going all over.

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Thanks for the tip, but dont have such a save. Will do the voyage all over, to see the NJ victory (and Synderion two) - so far I did just PP one and Annu.

I like that with Annu you have their leader with you - and quite a powerful one. Would like to see that for all factions.

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If you don’t research the injector it is the first final research of factions, you can research the others but first one prevails


The missions dont show up except PP injector one and, as you say, first obtained. While “one path to victory” and PP is learned via experience, in-game this is bit unclear, and somehat via diplomacy or in game messages, player should be warned that he can ally with everybody, but pick a winning option only with one side per game.

Gladly, found some veteran difficulty position mid-game, so I am now aware to take Synderion or NJ path to go to that victory :slight_smile:

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