What happened to Behemoths and other features?

So I remember reading and seeing all the campaign and promotion videos for PP and one of these mentions a ‘Behemoth’. Essentially a massive single pandoran that requires a very large (or multiple) teams to bring down. In my opinion this would have been an awesome addition - as it would have added something a little unique to the genre, namely large boss battles. This appears to have all gone.

There seems to be quite a lot of cool features and ideas that have been cut from the promotional version, and it seems that the push from other players seem to want to turn this game into just another xcom with no identity of its own.

Maybe bring them back in an expansion?


Mmm Scylla looks already too huge, removing so many depth aspects that parts and size don’t compensate.

I’ve seen people here saying that the developers want to add the behemots on a future updadte.

My guess is that if they want to add it the to the game, they will do this on DLC 3 - Festering Skies.

The skies darken with alien vessels, and Phoenix Point must rise to the challenge. An all-new interception mode, inspired by the original X-COM, lets players build and upgrade their own aircraft, fight aliens in the skies, and harvest tech from downed alien vessels. Festering Skies boasts an entirely new play style, new mission types, new vehicles, and much more.

Ummm, it does not mention behemoths in particular - just flying Pandorans. The behemoth I’m referring to is land based - I’ll see if I can find a link to it, it was on the fig site I think.

I honestly think it would help to have something like this to give PP it’s own identity, as as far as I can tell it’s a unique feature. Think of the original trailer that showed a Scylla being defeated, then something massive coming out of the sea afterwards.


I was certainly hoping for some colossal bosses for sure. I like how big Scyllas and Spawneries are, but was expecting some more unique bosses on occasion to dwarf them.

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I remember the behemot from the Fig pitch. But I think it fits the interception theme of DLC 3.

In addition to the three named expansions there are two unnamed placeholders. The ‘Behemoth’ could be part of one of those or it could’ve been dropped altogether.

Honestly don’t know if it has a place in the current game. A Scylla and underlings have no problem wiping havens off the map like cracking eggshells so without addition of something new to the map what’s there for a behemoth to even do.

Unique boss fights :slight_smile:

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The game need a lot more some middle ground enemies like Sirens and Chirons variations but totally different. A boss is hardly reusable. The existing one is nothing great.

Behemoths missed launch because of bugs with them. When they are ready for prime time they will be included in a free patch.

Also they aren’t enemies in the same way that an Arthron or Scylla is. Behemoths are so large that they are the map you are playing on to complete the mission to take them out. I believe they also have unique enemies associated with them that act as the behemoth’s immune system


Just what mama wanted :heart_eyes:

now with regards to DLC, one of the ideas that has been brought up for possible inclusion is more behemoth types. Having more than one type was dropped very early in development as too time consuming or something along those lines

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If it can be done, I don’t think anyone here would be opposed to kicking Tsathoggua’s buns and Cthulhu’s :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Came here to post this. I can’t find the original concept design for it from the Fig campaign, but I do remember that it was a thing that sounded pretty cool. Like mobile Pandoran bases where the boss is the map itself, kind of.

I think you meant this one :wink:

btw. I like this UI much more, even though its just a screenshot, but maybe wouldn’t work as well in game :man_shrugging:

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Behemoth, hospitals, normal way to choose speed :drooling_face:

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@Nsf - Thank you, yes that’s the one.

As for what could the Behemoth could do, well - simply put - it would be a unique haven defence mission (or a Phoenix base). A timer would display how long it would take to arrive and if you don’t stop it it will destroy what it reaches.

It could be an end game adversary as it would not stop until it was destroyed. As for the game needing more variety in enemies this would supply both a new map and a new enemy- so win win. :slight_smile:

Walking nuke, mobile citadel, mist spreader. That would give it purpose, yes.

I like that the image also has cities name dropped. Would be a nice add back to the game. Even with WW3 you’d think there would still be some towns/cities left in non-mist and high elevation areas during the game timeframe. “Juicy” targets that could only be wiped out by a city sized creature.

I suppose that independent havens could bare such names after old cities. For other factions old city names seem not proper.

But we don’t currently have independent havens in the game (except few with events). Wonder why they have been removed. Not enough programmed defenders, or their items, or interactions with those havens?

But there would be at least few behemoths. So definitely it can’t be an end-game adversary. Just another type of rare mission.

The snapshot clues it’s no way a boss but another mission type with a timeout to make it. it would allow differsify combats against aliens. That said before that they need fix lairs and citadels.