"Theorycraft" a New Pandoran Enemy

Hey everyone, I’ll be posting this on other PP boards when I get the chance.

Given the limited enemy types currently in game, I think there’s a lot to be desired in terms of variety at the moment. So lets all try and come up with new Pandorans for the hell of it.
I like the pelagic horror theme of Phoenix Point, and to add on to that, I think a cool addition would be a sort of Giant Mantis Shrimp mid-sized enemy.

An example animal found here: https://youtu.be/U11DgbefmQQ?t=104
Video with glorious slo-mo : https://youtu.be/LXrxCT0NpHo?t=102

As far as I know (haven’t completed the game) there aren’t any Pandorans with a strict melee-oh gawd I have to kill this thing asap- niche (Stompy chirons maybe?). Kind of like the berserkers from Firaxcom. It’d be pretty terrifying to encounter a Mantis Shrimp Pandoran (stealthy but squishy?) that threatens a close range “snap”, that could crack open a heavily armored squady or vehicle like the crabs they prey on IRL.

Players can watch in horror as a Pandoran Mantis Shrimp swoops in from the mist FoW, stuns a squady, and carries them off to be eaten.

Edit: Typos and last sentence. Added timestamp and 2nd video link

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Sounds like Triton to me.

Enemies in PP don’t have a specific specialization like Berserkers - Arthrons, Triton, Siren, all can have quite melee centric types. Think of PP enemy types as categories - so Advent, Muton, Sectoid/Snakemen rather then individual variations of those categories.

Still early in development there was to be Juggernaut. Maybe he will find it’s way back to the game one day.

PP doesn’t have a flying enemy. I am not sure if it would work for this game, but as far as enemy type that is one I can think of.

Yeah, I also think that Juggernaut will play such role.

Yeah agree with the missing flying enemy. Someone suggested on reddit that there be a sort of “sniper flyer” as well. Do we know if the game supports static Z axis positioning? I notice sometimes even the rocket legs (at least jumping out of goo) tend to be quite glitchy.

Alternatively, so PP doesn’t become too derivative (irony) of Firaxcom, maybe make it a aerial swarm type of foe that’s similar in “kamikaze” behavior to worms or mindfraggers that attack in packs. That would make AOE type weapons and maybe the flamethrower attractive solutions (might lean too hard into the rapid clearance perk though so idk).

Thanks for the link Yokes, I’m relatively new to the game’s development (bought it as an preorder on EGS) and didn’t know the jugger existed at some point- that thing looks yoked!

Just out of curiosity, how many tiles was the juggernaut planned to take up?

Have you considered submitting this to the feedback tool? There is already a ticket that calls for new enemy type variety and this post (IMHO) would be a nice addition to it.

Nice. How about if it was a borrowing enemy? And it could projectile-vomit something.

Link was provided by @Wormerine. :wink: I don’t have time to search it all.

There might be also small flying enemy. Maybe it will behave a little bit like swarm… Kind of flying mindfragger. I suppose I can’t share it, because it wasn’t even announced (I think).

That post is all I know about Juggernaut. As you can see it was early “in-development” update, so I have no idea how it was supposed to work, how far in developemnt it was or why it was scrapped.

As to flying enemy - question whenever engine is built to supported is one I raised when someone asked for a flying enemy type on canny (if you don’t know it, that is the place to suggest new and upvote existing requests, as well as to see what devs are planning to change.

Underwater DLCs is coming out at some point, though I have no clue if Snapshot plans to impliment gameplay changes to underwater mission(s?) or if it will be just a new map type using existing mechanics. If they would add swimming enemies, a flying enemy shouldn’t be far off.

I am Krzysztof R. Easy to confuse.

You are such a tease since becoming a CC member.

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That enemy was already in one of the Backers Builds. It isn’t connected to what we do in community council. :slight_smile:

To be true we (Com Council) haven’t seen anything new yet. We were only teased that there is something coming.

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Oh! I wasn’t paying close enough attention then. :stuck_out_tongue:

Engine doesn’t spawn this enemy. It is only in the files. So I haven’t seen it running.

I’m new to the way feedback pipeline works for this company. But I’l look into it thanks. There were some other people discussing with me on reddit and I’ll make sure I get their input in for it as well. Who know, maybe we might see something cool down the line.

What do you mean by borrowing? Like it attacks your squad and carries away a weapon into a hideyhole somewhere on the map? Watching that vid again I can see how the mantis shrimp looks kinda sneaky in that way. These animals are known for their “fast as a bullet” punches using their specialized forelimbs to crack open crabs or knock off their claws, it’s pretty metal. Plus they’re kinda creepy (or delicious) looking depending on your disposition on seafood lol

Quite sure the word was meant to be ”burrowing” :slight_smile:

Kind of like Zerg Lurkers in Starcraft 2.

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You are right :sweat_smile:

Though it could also have a special talent to borrow a fiver that it will give back next week, and that’s a promise.