Festersing skies bug?

So the behemoth is roaming the land a while now (destroyed 1 Haven and damaged 2 or 3 others already), and there is nothing I can do. I know you are supposed to encounter flying creatures, but as of now not a single one showed up (except the one in the dogfight “tutorial”).

Is this a bug? If not, how do you locate these flyers?

You would get a notification that the Behemoth sent out a “raid flight” something like that. It would focus on the haven under attack. You need to go to that haven to kill the flyer before it leaves. Depending on the difficulty, you may not have much time.

And sometimes Pandoran’ flyers don’t show up with first turn of Behemoth rampage.

It is not a bug, if you complete the Gift as quickly as you can, Behemoth will pop up, but until next intel report, this will include Charuns (basic Flyers), you can’t do a thing stopping Behemoth, because you can’t generate disruption points destroying those flyers.

So, maybe you have to wait 3-4 days just watching Big B wreaking havoc.

As soon as first Charun spawns you get notification in Geo

And also in event log

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Wot Etermes said.
I give a little advice about it here: Phoenix point: some helpful hints for xcom players (updated)
But basically, you can’t do squat about the Behemoth until Flyers start appearing on the map.