Weapon and amor types


Dont know if there is a topic about, but i hope that for weapons and amor category there will be some types different (f. E. For assault rifles the AK and other types of AR) emphasized text


I suggest you check the main site and FAQs (part 1 and 2). There are many interesting things mentioned worth to read about.

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Thanks, already seen in pasta months, but there are nothing about my question

I think it would be strange to not have variety of weapons in a game of this scale, which promises freedom in each aspect of gameplay. I’d say you don’t have to worry about that :slightly_smiling_face:
I think there will be at least few of each category, each one with its pros and cons, not just tiered weapons with +1/2/3 to dmg or accuracy vide FXcoms. And they won’t be bound to the specific soldier type.

Of course, anyway i know it’s not one of the most important feature for a game like this. But i love to get Lost in numbers and statistics!! “we just have to keep faith” :grin:

There’s already ballistics system implemented so existing of many interesting weapons feels quite important to me :grinning:


I’m not quite sure if they will try to implement many different weapons in each weapon category. It would be time consuming for the player to manage all types of production and different types of ammunition with different caliber.

I think it would be more like 1 type of shotgun, 1 type of smg, 1 type of assault rifle, 1 type of some heavy rifle, etc. And later some laser and plasma versions of those with different statistics (maybe not just +1 damage).

They also mentioned that every soldier will be able to use every type of weapon, but probably there will be some penalty if soldier won’t have proper skills. And those are class bound. Of course remember that there won’t be level limit so I think that your soldier would be able to “specialize” in all kind of weapons. :slight_smile:

Why not have a unified caliber? It’s future after all. I mean, we already have the same bullet damage for AR and LMG in Backer Build 1. Why couldn’t different ARs have the same caliber(bullet damage) and have another stats different?

What you are suggesting sounds too much like FXCOM (and I like FXCOM!) to me. I am not in favour of “too much”, especially not at the cost of quality and usefulness of weapons but I hope there will be (a bit) more than just consecutive tiers of weapons and standard bullet>laser>plasma categories. We could have a few types of pistols or rifles in each tier, etc. It makes perfect sense when we are talking about the world with humanity divided and various havens spread across the globe - so there should be different styles and preferences regarding weapons.
PS. And flamethrower is something already confirmed which is great.

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I think weapons could be divided by groups (pistols/rifles/cannons etc.) to avoid problems with too many ammo types to produce.

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Yes it would be great. But question is if we can have it at the time of release or in later DLCs? We need to remember that development team is not as big as in the biggest studios out there. Even if they are talented it will require time… and gosh I really would like to play this game somewhere near December 2018. :wink:

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Idk. I wish each weapon tech could have a distinct feachures, a personality so to say. Not like FXCOM has different tech just for scaling but different tech with its own pros and cons. For example, default firearms available right from the start would have different calibers but also have a wide variety of different ammo(incendiary, AP, toxic, explosive, EMP…). While magnetic tech weapons would have single caliber but not much types of ammunition. And laser tech would have none, but have the best accuracy etc.
And I really wish that all weapon tech could be utilised through the whole game, not like you reach plasma weapons and it is the best type of weapon you can use.


I found this nice text about all weapons from UFO: Enemy Unknown.


One glimpse at the descriptions is enough to know that weapons have this kind of personality, by having both strong and weak points. I like that even tier 2 laser weapons aren’t simple upgrade from tier 1: look at the pistols for example. Laser pistol has unlimited ammo, deals more damage but at the same time is less accurate. Besides, not EVERY weapon has its exact counterpart in consecutive tiers which makes some of them even more unique. I would like to see something like this in PP.

That’s exactly what I would like to see as well :slightly_smiling_face:


Mutation-system could help with this too.

If the enemy has 80% immunity to laser due to mutating special “skin”, bringing ballistic weapons is a lot better. (And same to plasma/etc. other higher-tier stuff.)