Gun for every ammo type

I met request for more realistic game many times. But I never met questions about idea of making new barret for each kind of ammo. Probably, because they are cool? You know, like ‘Wow, I came up with fresh piercing ammo! We need to change all armory gor using it!’ Or ‘I’m bored, I want new green gun! Why? Well, maybe we will imagine new bullets for it… Virus for example! What they will do? No matters, we will think on it later!’. Well yes, it looks fun and gives some job for our lazy artists/engineers. But it might be a bit abusing if you try to have flexibility into fight. Like, I want to shoot these loosers by cheapest ammo, but that one deserves armor-piersing shot, and that one could be poisoned… What? I should lug three guns for it? No-no-no! There is another way! I will shoot in small aliens only. And my partner will be a poison-master. And third will take care about armored aliens only. If they also be small, we bite an ear to each other after battle. And last one will be stunning bad-ass!

Oh! Probably it’s because we cannot count bullets in clips and they always lost in pockets!?

If I understand:

  • you want multiple types of ammo usable for a gun (armor piercing, virus, acid, …)
    • currently, the type of damage is set on the gun (devs took the choice that ammo types are not compatible (virus would be some kind of dart, I guess)
  • you want to be able to swap ammo clips during battle (costing a reload - 1AP)
    • if we had different kinds of ammo, I’d definitely back you up on this one

With the current build, the only choice is to bring multiple guns. I guess that in real life you could design a compatible bullet that would release a virus in the target’s body. Or splash acid on the target’s armor like it’s paintball.

Yea, I should clarify some details.
I completely agree about different faction weapons( , but), and talking about logical upgrades of ammo:

    1. PP has a bullet guns, thats suppose it might be loaded with smth explosive or burning or shrapnel etc. It doesn’t mean barret changing. ( Actually, I prefer to swap bullet guns to NJ and gauss to PP, because Gauss is, like, small fast needles, armor piercing with low damage. And NJ are too brutal for it. Anyway, Gauss guns are strangely realised, so…).
  • NJ is already has Gauss (why it does not have piercing abilities by default by the way?) Next logical upgrade of ammo might be shredding, bleeding etc. And again It doesn’t mean barret changing. Do you feel my idea? But they have ‘NJ Cyclops SR-7’ and ‘NJ Raven SR-13’, ‘NJ Bulldog AR-50’ and ‘NJ Piranha AR-51’, ‘NJ VDM Defender’ and ‘NJ VDM Enforcer’… Thanks for Yokes for his spreadsheet?

  • So, Anu already got a dart guns. Why we should have different air-guns for acid/poison/viral/virophage darts? I have no idea. But they have ‘AN Shredder’ instead of it, which is almost equal to ‘AN Reaper’, and works worst than Anu’s armor shredding ability.

  • A bit more diffcult with wave guns of Syn. It’s obviously lasers, sonics, (plasma :slight_smile: ) and kind of paralysis emitters. Looks like they should have different guns (and paralysis effects looks better into bullets and darts by the way). But look what we have now? Paralysing emitter rifle ‘SY Athena NS-2’ is equal in stats to viral ‘AN Subjugator’ AND to Virophage ‘PX Gungnir SR-2’. If that was made for balance…
    So, I cannot see the idea to make that chaos from equal guns. Isn’t it worst than keep the logical line of faction guns and ammos? Just make 2-3 ammo types for every faction! Finally, I offer to use that cool gun-models for advanced models like MK-2 with upgraded damage/distance/clips capacity. It might add a beautiful structure to guns spreadsheet :slight_smile:

Good question.

No, it is not mine. I have different. :wink:

But with shotgun you at least can aim for specific body part. EDIT: Damn I forgot that ability can be activated even for other weapons than melee. :slight_smile:

yep, just one more bug from unfinished abilities tree)) Just try what itcan do with shotgun)))