Unique weapons --

I like that in the game at present there aren’t weapon tiers, however it does also feel like the weapons from different factions are all very similar to one another, it feels like there needs to be something different that can come along to mix things up.

To that end it’d be cool if there were a few one off weapons out there that could only be acquired by either meeting special conditions as set by a faction and/or found a specific scavenging sites around the globe.

Imagine that if you rescued a member of Synedreon from an alien base that they might give you a one off buffed up laser sniper rifle with an accuracy bonus. Or that in Europe somewhere you might have a chance to discover a camouflaged assault rifle that provides a bonus to stealth.

Those are probably not the most exciting of examples, I’d rather be rewarded with a unique weapon in the form of a laser minigun by Synedreon, and then in Europe find a Bren gun, but that would require entirely new graphical assets to be created, whereas with the examples above you could just use what already exists with maybe a re-skin. Either way, it’s just the concept that I’m trying put across.

Nice idea. :slight_smile: Question is if would not loose them somewhere on the roster… That would require additional filters in the store to sort more of those icons for unique weapons/armors.

It would, but I think those filters need to be there either way tbh.