Was the Moon Mission Even Tested?

I’m not trying to be a pain but this mission was hard for all the wrong reasons. Your soldiers either spawn in a bizarrely difficult to navigate domicile or on the roof and anyone in the building can’t do anything for more than a few turns. The worst part though would have to be how the floor is bugged. For some reason there are only specific areas where your soldiers can move, dash, and above all place turrets. I’d say this mission is outright bugged.

I always fear Synedrion maps. Once during backer builds, I had an opposition sniper shoot me through the floor.
In this mission, my infiltrator could sometimes not disappear for the same reason than dash does not work properly.
The dash problem also appeared in the last mission.

The are a lot of places you cant move , dash . or place turrets as mentioned. If you destroy the tunnels beaten the buildings those areas become impassable. If you jump down into where the rocket/ ship is being launched from your soldier becomes stuck , games freezes or just dies for no reason. Really a bad design for a map.