First Playthrough Feedback. 10/10 Awesome!

It took me 68 hours to get through my first playthrough and im looking forward to a whole lot more!
But before I get to the praise, Ive noticed quite a few bugs that can really make Phoenix Point nearly/totally unplayable such as:

<-Reload Bug->
You are unable to reload even though you have ammo in your invintory. I noticed this the most when I was on the last mission and couldnt use half my team because they refused to reload their weapons even though they had nearly full invintory’s of ammo.

<-Stealing Research Bug->
Stealing research from Synedrion is impossible unless you shoot the windows out behind the research desk.

<-Phoenix Defense Bug->
Your vehicles and muto-dogs get trapped behind random boxes and other clutter in the tunnels around your base. It seems to spawn 3 guys infront of the enemy invasion force and the rest of your team at the back of the base behind those stuck vehicles and mutogs making it take 2-4 turns to get your team out to defend almost guaranteeing those first 3 soldiers get mobbed, mindcontrolled and sluaghterd.

<-Line of Sight Bug->
A lot of the time you’ll run a trooper up behind safe cover/half cover to fire at the enemy and all of a sudden he will be unable to see the enemy even though it clearly showed he could see the enemy.

<-Mission Progress Bug->
You will pass a mission and get the rewards but that mission will still be flagged as Active, still appear on the Geoscape but be totally uninteractable with.

<-Pandorans 100% Accurate ?Bug?->
The enemys are 100% accurate every mission, every hour, every second and EvErY ShOt. I dont know if the enemys accuracy is tied to your troopers stealth rating (going to test on this next playthrough) but they never miss under any circumstance. If one of my troopers has the tip of his toe sticking out and a pandoran on the other side of a small map can see him, that trooper is going to die.
Im NOT exaggerating. In all 68 hours the only time ive ever see a Pandoran miss was against an Infiltrator. Human enemys miss at the same rate my soldiers do.

Now, all of this being said, Phoenix Point has to be one of the most fun games ever made. The story is a total 10/10 for me, I had a really hard time breaking away from it because I was so interested in just what exactly was going on. I loved every interaction I had with any of the factions, amazing voice over work! I cant wait to get back to PP so I can see what the other factions have to offer :smiley:

The sound in this game is totally unreal!! From the music to the Live-Crab-on-a-Plate noise the Syrens make really puts you in the mood. I swear, that click,clack is going to haunt my dreams for a long time. :scream: The ungodly, lovecraftian Scylla scream is a close contender. Good god, its unsettling :scream:
All of it added together really makes you feel like your in a nearly hopeless situation, fighting a loesing battle against an unspeakable horror.

I feel like this is the Dark Souls of the Tactical Combat genera, both brutal and yet loving and with a much better story. Seriously, I would love to read a few books around the early days of the Mist! I would love to read all about the creeping doom, the subtle changing of everything…of every one…
Good god, you can really tell that this was a labour of love. Thank you for an amazing game!!!


At last. Someone that loves the game even with the bugs and lack of polish.
I am so addicted I can’t tempt myself to play anything else. For me PP is my Xcom dream and I can imagine how much better it’s going to get over time.
I find the story perfectly placed, grim and hopeless. Earth transformed into a nightmare with extremist all believing they have the answer. It really pushes it home that it is all down to you.
The tactical combat, bugs aside, is the best I have ever played in any Xcom type game. Yesterday I played a hour of Xcom-1(Firaxis). It was just to shallow. At the end and beginning of my every move I paused, thinking is that it, is there nothing else required of me?

I give the game 10/10, not so much for what it is today but what I can see it being tomorrow.


100%! If its this good with bugs and…well, I was going to say I can hardly wait but im not haha Im on my second go and I dont plan on stopping. I loaded up Xcom 2 a month or two ago, played for about half a hour and alt-f4’d. I mean, I did enjoy it when it came out but it just didnt scratch that itch. I really enjoy the grim, dark atmosphere and like you said “Earth transformed into a nightmare with extremist all believing they have the answer. It really pushes it home that it is all down to you.”

I forgot to mention how amazing the enemys look! I always end up taking a few min to enjoy the view… from a sniper scope :stuck_out_tongue:


This sounds like fanboys!

Yes, I like the game too but I never would give it 10/10 ! Too shallow base management, not enough research, no upgrading from armor and weapons (just “new” one´s). Too few grenade types (no smoke ?), too few enemy types, vehicles useless, boring geoscape …

Guys, what have you played in your life yet you give it a 10/10 ?

In this stadium i would give 6/10 with a good curve going up with the right balance patches and mayxe also content patches.


I know. They look frigging freaky, the stuff of nightmares. I’m so glad they didn’t go with the cartoon look. This is serious Xcom stuff. :slight_smile: I love it when they pause on their movement and their head starts squirming about like they are trying to decide which way to go.

I think I have forgotten more games than most have played. I have played games since the personal computer became available to the public. Needless to say I have played every xcom type or similar game ever made. I’m 66 years old and most of that was dedicated to gaming.

I do hope that answers your question.


I understand that people really like the Game, on some points I even Agree! it has potential, it has really good features and a nice base Story.

But 10/10 ? In which universe do you rate your Games in?
6/10 maybe 7/10 if you are gratefull… for more they must clean up the massiv amount of Bugs, missing features (Haven AI Support?) and do a General Cleanup for Skills and Dificulty… unlimited respawn?

10/10 Would mean that the Game has a clean Playflow without any hickups or issues, no Bugs, perfect story… and its far away from that.

And you rate this Game that high? Than you seem to have forgoten really most of the Games you played.
Pirats C64 - besides grafics better Game
Original XCom - better Game
SNES RPG Games - better Games
and thats just the first years of Gaming for me…

Just the recent past - Witcher 1-3 better Games
Gothic 1-3 (yes even 3 at the current state due to patches) - better Games
Total War Warhammer 1/2 - better Games

If I scroll through my Steam libary or look on my shelf for older Games… I find so much stuff which is far better than this, simply because the amount of edges, bugs, missing features and clearly not fulled thought throu stuff in this Game…

Still, it is a GOOD Game, no question about that, but the best Game ever made? Not even Close. Only if you rate it from the point of view as a clean fanboy with a lovesign on your head.


In accordance with todays games most of which are garbage, some of the above I would class as 10/10 simply because the standard has dropped to the level of swill.
The one I would personally throw out would be Witcher 3. It never could gain my attention. I have played all the TW games bar Warhammer, not a fan of Warhammer.

If you would like to go back a few threads you will see I say 10/10 not for what the game is now but for what it shall become.

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So you assume that they will redesign almost half of the Game to justify that rating in the future?
As this will be hell of a Job to be done.

I wish that you are right, but… from what I found after some hours of research through the Baker stuff and this forum (as I did not followed the Game over the years) I dont believe that Snapshot will be up to that task.

Well you have paid for your seat so you may as well sit back and watch the show. Only when the fat lady sings can you make your final decision.

Which already prevents me from even give the Game a 10/10 ever :wink: if the release state is at a level of “hey… lets wait for some month, maybe a year until the Game is in a perfect state” the rating is already -1 or 2 because… they released it! So they THINK that the Game is at a State people will be enjoy every part of the Game.

Thing is. I am fully enjoying it in the here and now, Christmas has come early. Correct me if I am wrong but it sounds as if your not enjoying as is. I can’t help that, we are all born with unique fingerprints, DNA and choice of the game we like.

Metacritic is full of 10/10 as well as 1/10

I enjoyed my first 15h of the Game. Still I would never say that it is even close to be perfect. Not even if they NOW start to fix the issues the Game has.

A realistic 6/10, with Bugfixes a 7/10 and with added content and reworks it might get a 8/10.
Which is still one of the highest ratings I would give Games at the current state of Games that are out there. Other Games I would Rate 8/10 or higher? Warcraft 3, Age of Empires 2, Assasins Creed 2 and the Games around it, Divinity Original Sin 1/2, Dragon’s Dogma… and most of them are far better than PP realisticly could ever get. The list of this Games I would rate 8/10 or higher is not that long as the Game must be amazing in every aspect, from scratch on.

Sure everyone has an own view on this and might see it different, but I just dislike the fanboy mentality of rating games because of “fun” without telling that its JUST because of Fun.

Based on this, Skyrim would get a 20/10 from me… I played over 3k hours or Dragon Age Inquisiton… 500h but both I would not rate higher tha 6/10 … not because I dislike them, but because there are much better developed Games out there.

Yeah I would never say that someone is lying or indeed something wrong with them for liking a game that I thought rubbish. I would say I’m happy for you for finding something that brought you enjoyment in these dark times.
It’s a balance thing. Someone posts their hate for the game and I might post my love for it. No harm done, but it does give people reading the forums in a view to buy a chance to make up their own mind.

I think the game I have ever put the most hours into was Dragon age origins, but I remember putting a shed load into the original UFO/Laser squad/Xcom. The further I go back the more things start to blur on how many hours I spent with them.

But it does not give a good view on the State of the Game if titels are “10/10 Awesome!” when afterwards a list of Bugs follows and than a “10/10 because I think the Game will be that in the Future”.

The same goes for the Hater-Threads which say 3/10 or less, they are not realistic as well and if you read thorugh them its clear.

This kind of Ratings should always be given with care, as they are missleading people… ratings given without a clear scaling of “why it was rated this and based on that points” they are always looking either like fanboy or hater, depening on the rating. And this Thread looks like a Fanboy rating, while many other looks like hater rates. Neither of them are helping undecided people to get a clear picture :wink:

The amount of hours on this Games I only know, because of Steam… thanks for reminding me that I spent to much of my Time in Games. DA:O would be a candidate as well for the 8/10 as it was an amazingly done Game, even if I played far less hours than DA:I I would rate it easly 2 numbers higher, just because the mechanics, idea’s, Characters, Dialogs and stuff were on a different level…

A simply Awesome! without the rating and than a Thread full of Praise for the Game would be far better from my humble point of view

Because you mentioned it: DA:O is one of the best isometric party RPGs i played in years (maybe only the old SSI Gold Box title i would rate a bit higher - or it´s nostalgy ;-))!
It´s because of the story and party memebers in this game. They are so unique, lovely, evil - you just love or hate them. And the scen at the campfire, where the on character sings a song. Wow - never had the smae feeling in a computer game. JUST AMAZING !

my 2 cents to DA:O. Back to PP :wink:

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You give a game 10/10 when you are in that magic zone it could drop to 8/10 in a few weeks time you never know.
When your having this much fun you wouldn’t dream of giving it 7 or 8 out of ten.
Your mind and fingers won’t work below 10. :slight_smile:

This game is great! Instant classic.

What are ratings anyway?
Arguing over a rating when everybody rating schemes are different is pointless :stuck_out_tongue:

The game is new, hence there will be bugs. But I will give PP points for not having the next day after launch patch that is larger than the original install download :slight_smile:

A few extra points to PP for that, can’t put it down, just one more mission, phck it is the next day got to go to work; nah just chuck a sicky and continue playing phenomenon :clock8:

Rating the game with Fallout 76 in mind and phck PP returns an overflow error :smile: ^E/10

Thinking that it has been a quarter of a century since UFO: Enemy unknown and this is the first clone to rival it for the title, add a few more points.

A truly new spin on the all-time favorite Zombie Apocalypse genre; another point.

Soldiers not missing from point-blank range in life or death situations; phck just give it all the points :star_struck:

Simplifying the right things and keeping complexity where it favors choice; nice another point.

Well I’ll let you count the points, but yes I like the game and probably won’t play any other game for at least a few months