Synedrion moon launch defense map terribly glitchy

The Synedrion rocket launch defense mission is an absolute travesty. Characters cannot move in wide open rooms or even outdoors for unknown reasons. The building they start you in requires absurd paths to get out. Can’t shoot through the glass until you shoot the glass itelf. Explosives can’t break the glass some times.

Please address. I have two squad members sitting still because they can’t move.

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l agree with you,l have a problem with this too, try loading the save file and come back,it will fix the problem

In addition. When you use skill “Electric reinforcement” in this mission, the game stops working.


Re-loading the save or the entire PP program did not solve it.

I now have:

  • three immobiilized players with X marks anywhere I try to walk
  • one that successfully broke out of a window, jumped through to the outside and for no reason can not move any further than the first square outside of the building
  • One that can move, unless I try to go to the lobby of that first building, which is all X’d out.

Something about the glass or walls of this large building / network of connector tubes – which were clearly designed to be smashed and run through by all the chirons – is breaking the ‘you are allowed to move here’ mechanics.

Thankfully I have 8 dudes on this one and killed most of the bad guys before this got untenable, but just finishing this mission will take a few hours when all is said and done. Lots of reloading just to undo the seemingly minor move / shot / action I took that is now immobilizing additional units.


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Yes. Absolute Worst Map In The Game.

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Try to make the save file when you solider get struck between the X that round,then load the save file and come back to that round,the x vanished in the map for me somehow

Yes, you can reload to remove the ‘can’t move X thing’ but once the X effect is in place, you cannot undo it.

I completed the map. Took a good 5-6 hours and (I’m not kidding) 50 reloads or so.

Top tips (if this is happening to you):

  1. Once the X event happens, that dude is SOL and cannot move unless you blow up the structure or wall next to him. In some cases you can then move through the wall and continue. However, frozen dudes can still shoot, go on overwatch, and – critically – area / team buff effects still work. Stranded dudes were dropping War Cry / Rally just fine.

  2. Get on the roof with as many guys as you can as that seems to never be problematic, and you can hit about 90% of the map with snipers. There is one enemy type that would love you to be outdoors, and I won’t spoil that, but prioritize killing those first (you’ll know).

  3. At the end, jetpack can save you as much of the ‘ground’ level outside can trigger the X can’t move problem. Jetpack seems to work but save before you jump, as you may jump into an X frozen location and you won’t know until you land and try to move again. Provided you don’t get X’d, you can ping pong around each turn doing that, and the snipers can then pick off any enemies you find.

  4. The enemies sometimes cannot move either and just stay put – they will shoot at you if they can, but some inexplicably can walk right into a room with your stuck guys. So keep them on overwatch even if you feel you are ‘protected’ by large unwalkable area.

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How did you run the mission? I got this objective still in global map and hovering over the heaven… sometimes crabs attack the city, but even if I defense that, objective is still not completed?

I’ll turn on the spoiler stuff here for those that don’t want to read too far ahead.

Once you’ve done the requisite research on the back end of the Symes missions and then Antarctica mission, you’ll get a message that we need to learn more about what happened on the Moon, but strangely, there is no clear next step in either Research or Objectives.

Shortly thereafter, you will get a Geoscape objective marker indicating that Synedrion is building a rocket or a moon base (I forget which). I found that odd because most ally research doesn’t get pinned on the geoscape like that.

The rocket launch site is a specific Synedrion haven (click on the Geo objective list icon to center it for you) and if you click on Haven Info you will see the build progress. I believe it takes 6 days.

1) Don’t let the Haven fall to any attacker over that time. Park a team on it on near enough to it that you can save their bacon if need be. This is the not the mission itself, but if the place building the site for the mission is wiped off the map, I’m guessing the Synedrion line of the plot dies or possibly another Synedrion haven has to start the whole building process all over again (complete speculation on my part).

2) Once the launch site build is complete, a scientist from Synedrion will start a conversation (auto takeover of the game, you don’t need to go there or do anything) saying that the moon base is complete and that you need to head there to defend it. At that moment, the haven becomes a mission site like the prior ally missions you’ve been on.

3) Fly to that haven and a mission sequence should start. Or you can click on the haven once your team is there and a new option for ‘Special Mission’ (or something like that) will be on the Haven info menu. That starts the mission.

4) Win the mission. Read this thread as the map is quadruple buggy suxxor and you effectively have to reload a lot because all the rules of movement you are accustomed to go to crazy town once glass and walls start breaking.

5) After that, you just wait a period of time (a couple days?) and Synedrion comes back with what happened in a report and (I believe) there was one more research item to do before the next mission became clear.

Hope that helps,

Hi ahsanford,

thanks very much. I think my problem is, that objective is broken somehow. Launch site is defended and completed, but no scientist has contacted me. Maybe I skipped that in some way, but it cannot be bring back.

When I enter the city, the launch pad is ready, but special mission or any kind of deploy cannot be done.

Unfortunately I don´t have a savegame from before… I cannot run this research again, thus this mission si stucked/bugged for me and no way how to push it forward…

Wow. No idea. I always save every day or so in this game b/c of how buggy BB5 was.

Nutty idea #1: Maybe you need certain Synedrion support level for the misson to kick off?

Nutty idea #2: (save before this of course) Let the haven get taken and perhaps it will trigger another synedrion haven to build another launcher site?

Nutty idea #3: Get another faction’s rep high enough and win the game with them?

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Yeah, next time I will save every day :smiley:

1/ I have 100% ally, so there can be no more improvement. I did get the 1000/1000/1000 req. from Synedrion as a thank, so this is not the case.

2/ This is also weird. I´ve got some survived Synedrion heavens on the globe which are unable to get taken, they always repell the attack no matter what. I was also thinking that in this last part of game, their defense is so strong that your assistance is not needed. So, this certain heaven will never fall

3a/ This was my case, I was also 100% ally with Annu, so I finished the game with them and help of Exalted, which was so funny.

3b/ I am only guessing, if this is not a bug and it´s scripted - maybe you have only one chance to finish the game with one ally and first come first serves - means, if you achieve certain level of friendship with one fraction - the game story will go that way and will not allow you finish the game with other fraction. My idea was to unlock all the endings at once and choose the best one for me, but as it seems, it´s not possible unless somebody tells me he did it.

Yeah, the game is still so buggy, but compared to BB5 it´s a piece of cake. No more stalls, no freezed battles, but f.e. my berzerker when use the adrenalin rush, he often (if not mostly all the time) gets this bonus until end of mission (not until end of turn as mention in the description)… and so on…

Game needs some polishing, that´s for sure, but the battle system is brilliant. Shooting in the certain parts of armour, cutting limbs, you get addiction to that. Still xcom2 is better fun, the flow of the game is not that good as it could be, but still, it´s very original, combination of soldier classes is something very exciting so the after all experience is very nice. I must find the what is the budget comparation between the Phoenix point game vs Xcom2 but I loved some of the ideas behind the phoenix point :slight_smile:

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Yes, the final game is worlds better than BB5.

But to compare it to XCom 2 is both inevitable and unfortunate. One is polished AAA title and the other (while lots of fun, many clever ideas, etc.) is what we just played.

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Yeah, exactly. Totally agree

I keep having a problem where when I complete the mission, the strategic map layer is entirely frozen/doesn’t load correctly. Has anyone else had that?

I just tried this mission and it is a total joke (on me). My unit is spread all over the building (it’s like they just threw them up in the air and let them fall where they may). Sometimes they are stuck in a column and can only move 1 space back and forth. I don’t mind having my unit randomly placed on the map, but I have never run into a game where my unit is spread out and can’ t work together at the start. Guys are divided up and down the floors and many times there is no way to group them together for defense (or even offense).

Other than base defense missions, in general this is not the case for the intial unit grouping/placement. Even in ambushes your group is together (though often placed in a part of the map that isn’t ideal).

Just arrived at that mission.

Never seen such a bad designed map in whole of the game.

And filled with mortar chirons… good night…

@LouisdeFuines sometimes i wonder why you are still playing the game as you are complaining in every post i read here.
The moonshot Mission was one of the hard ones. I was the whole Mission in the building and try to hold the defense… some got injured but nobody dies. Mind crush saved my ass…

/Offtopic: The game has a very good potential, but feels in many ways like a beta version.

If me and others would not play it, nobody would make it better, because nobody would know, what to improve.
No more, no less.

If no one would tell the devs, what is good or what is not good, how could they know?
And lastly: The game wouldn`t benefit, if everyone would only post, how GOOD it is, because it would never evolve out of its bugs and beta-feel stage.

That`s, why the devs created this forum and the canny, where I am very active too.

Obviously me and others like this game very much, or we would not play it and tell others of our experiences.

If you had read my posts correctly, you would simply know, that I love this game.
In many ways I like it even more then XCOM 1 +2. But those games have advantages and disadvantages too.

Especially I love it to be able to aim at bodyparts. And base building is simple.
I like the idea too, of giving Tritons and Arthrons changing weapons.

What lacks here, are videos and strong characters like Bradford, Tygan and so on, to identify with.
But the atmosphere is dense even without that. Nevertheless I miss Bradford or somehow a similar character somehow :slight_smile:

But enough for this. Please stay on topic, as I will return too.
I won`t repeat it.

/Back on topic:
In that moonrocket mission I experienced too, that it has some effect: Camping in the mainbuilding and waiting for the Tritons and Arthrons to come seems effective.
But there is danger too, since the Sirens can panic ALL the squad inside and shots sometimes blow holes to walls, where the enemy can now spot and shot you. Savescumm can helpt then, but not for the panic. And I`m reaching for a way, to avoid savescum.
I’m curious, how the mission will end for me.

Finally did it! There weren`t so many enemies. The camping strategy in the mainbuilding was the key.

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Did you have any Chiron? I just finished as well with 2 Artillery Chirons and one Plasma Chiron, 3 Sirens, about 4 Tritons and at least 6 Arthron. I wasn’t too thrilled with my initial placement, but I managed. 1 Sniper/Heavy + 1 Heavy were on the roof. Everyone else were spread throughout the building, all on different floors. The trick was to take out as much from the roof as I could, raged-sniped 1 Artillery Chiron. Used boom-blast with the heavy – 1 rocket at Siren – grenade launcher to a group of Arthron and another Siren on the first turn. Inside, I started moving units from the top 2 floors to the lower 2. Technician setup 2 turrets on the bottom floor. 1 Priest along the wall facing the launch site (so they could mind crush and control.)

The 2 on the roof took some damage from the Plasma Chiron before I could pinpoint its hidden location. I was lucky with the 2nd Artillery Chiron as it was nestled up against the main building and couldn’t launch until it was taken out.

Inside was basically all over-watch with snipers + tech remote control of turrets. Mind controlled 1 Arthron, but found it very interesting that none of the other Arhtron paid it any attention, the were intent on getting at my units inside the building.

Froze the game first time through by using Electric Reinforcement. It’s a bug for the map/mission. Use Electric Reinforcement and game basically freezes (though the map can still be moved).

EDIT: Oh, and there are still some places I couldn’t move my units. Also, there was a plasma worm embedded in a air unit on the roof that I had to reveal by blowing it up. Else the mission wouldn’t end.