Phoenix Base defence mission bugs

Hi I hope that in final release you will test Phoenix bases properly. Currently those mission are hugely bugged:

  • enemies running behind walls (it is difficult to kill them there)
  • enemies spawning on lower level despite wall breaches are on higher level
  • enemies falling through the floor to lower groud while escaping (they sometimes use outer walls to do that)
  • soldiers paths sometimes don’t see upper level floor and show jump down move somewhere in the middle of the path, despite floor being without even scratch - but if you target move action to that tile it shows move properly and soldier will stop in this place where moment ago was pit fall
  • soldiers fall down though floor if you let them move by path mentioned in above point (and get stuck with their animation) - will put video below
  • crabmen brawlers (or grenadiers if they decide to use pincer) can’t hit strategic structure in medical facility

I can’t wait to see those bases implemented properly because

  • they allow for more than 8 soldiers to have in one mission,
  • enemies roam here in huge numbers
  • structural damage probably will impact our performance on geoscape

I stopped playing the latest build because I cleared out all the the monsters but the mission finished never triggered, not sure if they just got trapped in a wall or what, but I searched the whole base and could not find anyone to kill and could not end the mission. (I did send a bug ticket)

Yes this is “behing wall” scenario. You need to use heavy cannon to get them there (after locating where such enemy is hiding which is also not simple).

That paired with limited ammo is a problem, the bases are huge and you can’t just leave a base like you would a normal mission so it would be nice if you clear enough enemies you could set up radar or something to detect where the last holdouts are.

Although these issues might just be alpha issues that will be resolved by other means. Not being able to save mid mission makes not being able to find the last enemy really frustrating. I am assuming that is not a design choice but an alpha limitation.