Can't progress campaign

I just researched “Moon Mission Preparation” which tells me, its time to prepare a launch site.

But I do not have an option to do that, no buildings, not manufacturing - nothing.

The only open quest atm is to destroy a “pandoran lair”, which I never encountered. Only the smaller bases which I promptly exterminated. The corresponding research topic is still open too, I think this might be crucial.

The meter is now at 70% and more haven get destoyed every day. How do I progress from here?

I am a little ahead of you.

Best I can tell, you don’t need to do anything. There is no structure you can build.

In my case (and this may vary on your alliances, I have no idea), Synedrion started building a moon base at one of their sites – it shows up in the objectives and you can find the haven building it and track its progress (under haven info, this is a structure, not research).

It took 6 days to build, at which time I was approached by Synedrion to defend that haven from attack. It’s not a traditional haven defense – you go to the haven and start the special mission.

The mission is maddening for reasons I’ll let you discover.

As for finding a lair, one just popped up once after a haven defense. Nests left without being attacked may also grow into lairs, I’m guessing.

Hope that helps.

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Game progressed exactly as you described,
The synedrion mission status was there, but I couldnt really see the last entry because of how the mission log is implemented.

The Defender mission was ‘fun’, just glad I dont play on Ironman though…

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Moving around at start was infuriating.

I assume the start is standardized, but how did you get out of the starting building? I had two guys on the roof but the rest were trapped inside what appears to be the worst unexitable fire hazard in history. One of the doors (towards the edge of the map, away from the rocket) won’t let me walk through and otherwise there is just one way out.

And you can’t see through the glass either, so camping out in the building and sniping isn’t an option either. I tried to blow out the glass in those building to building glass tunnels but it largely failed.

Pls don’t spoil the mission itself – I only spotted a few bigger aliens from the rooftop. Just tell me how to get out of the building other than the door facing the rocket, thx.

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I tried several approaches but I’n the end I could only win by regrouping on the 2nd floor and make a stand there.
I had one infiltrator outside that was picking off key targets.

At the end the mission was bugged so that the whole ground floor was not selectable (couldnt move or fire there), probably because of the goo or explosive mechanic. But thanks to my outside guy I was able to finish anyways.