Visual bug - Guardian XA Body Armor

Hey Team!

I hope you had enough Pandoran for today! I started a champaign with Version Orryx 1.10.1 EGS (main screen) and noticed I can equip (heavy) mounted weapons on Guardian XA Body Armor (rescued heavy soldiers’s chest armor). This is more than a visual bug because in combat the mounted weapon fires FROM the ground where it is located. The bug can be duplicated on any soldier I equip the armorpiece, oh and it is the same with the Fury-2 Missile Launcher. Both are fixed in that position in the ground.


It is with every mounted weapon on that armor. Probably because it wasn’t designed to host mounted weapons as it also doesn’t have jet pack on the back (where usually is a mount for mounted weapons). I think that devs didn’t planned that players will be using these heavy armors long enough to get mounted weapons attached to them. :wink:

What more I think that instead of correcting this and doing new animations and other stuff so that above combination of armor and weapon will work, they will simply disable mounting weapons on that armor. :wink:

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From the perspective of the Phoenix Point’s world these soldiers are using some scrap as heavy armor so the armor shouldn’t have attached weapons but it is sure fun to shoot an enemy under your feet :smile: