Dec. 3 Release bugs/typos found by Setokaiva

This is my attempt at making an ongoing list of issues I’ve noticed in the December 3rd release of Phoenix Point.

WARNING – this may contain some spoilers for the game, because I will be listing typos from messages attached to events and research projects at some points. I will use my discretion in avoiding really big spoilers.


element issue reproduced?
battle, ability Technician Heal mech arms animation & sound does not play at all; the arms remain in place on the Technician’s back, and only the green flare effect plays yes
battle, enemy On reloading save mid-battle, Arthrons that were deploying their shield pre-save are not in deploy shield stance post-save yes
battle, info Return Fire ability is not reflected as an ability on any unit’s info card, but it IS reflected as a passive ability/ongoing effect on allies’ list of effects when selected yes
battle, weapon Vivisection 10% damage bonus on enemies is not shown when targeting those enemies yes
battle, weapon Yat AR (Independent assault rifle) returns fire with a full burst (6 shots) instead of half burst, like every other AR in game yes
geoscape, personnel Perception stat is not displayed anywhere for a given soldier, whether in equipment or in training panel yes
research The technologies normally unlocked by capturing a Goo Chiron, Siren, etc. did not properly unlock when I captured these enemies yes
battle, ability Reload Turret cannot reload turret if it still has ammo no
battle, ability War Cry targeting reveals which enemies it will affect within 10 tiles, including their type, even if you’ve never seen those enemies no
battle, ability Induce Panic with a Priest on 9 WP could target an Infiltrator with 10 WP – it’s supposed to only work on those with LOWER will than the Priest no
battle, enemy A Chiron became stuck in its death animation after bleeding out, and did not collapse to the ground; it froze about a second through, locked into a pose no
battle, saved game A soldier with a disabled arm put into handgun overwatch pre-save defaulted to his assault rifle upon loading the save, which he shouldn’t even be able to hold without 2 arms no
battle, saved game A Priest mind-controlled a 0-will Siren (head disabled). I saved game, loaded, and the Priest paid 5 will in “upkeep” to maintain the mind control, despite me never moving to a new turn no


element description
ability Shock value/damage of stomper legs mutation is not displayed on the ability info
enemy, info “Spawnery” unit (in Lairs) has its Shell body part labeled “#SHELL”; remove the hashtag
geoscape, base Repairing facility sometimes displays repair message twice for same facility
geoscape, base After building a Mist Repeller, the faction relations penalty applies, but is not displayed with any message until the player checks Diplomacy
geoscape, haven The description of the Mist Repeller structure in Synedrion havens is the same as Independent Residential Districts: “Havens will generally provide enough accomodation for their populations,” etc.
item Motion Detection Module’s detection range is 10 tiles, but the description of the ability simply says “locate all nearby enemies” without defining the range
manufacturing Synedrion Aspida vehicle: Its statistics read Capacity = 1. But the research info said 3
personnel, equipment Durability (health & armor) of weapons is not displayed as part of their stats. It should also be displayed in the Info panel of units during tactical battles
research Infiltrator Class: Upon acquiring the technology, the list of items available to manufacture does NOT include the Infiltrator’s Styx chest armor. However, this item IS properly shown in the Manufacturing tab
research Synedrion Aircraft Technology: The research, when viewed in the Research tab, is misleading: “a squad of 5, as well as a land vehicle” suggests that it can carry 5 soldiers AND a vehicle, but the text after you actually acquire the technology correctly states that it could hold 2 soldiers and a vehicle
training Description of the Heavy class (for sub-classing) cuts off after the second line


element description fix
geoscape event (ODI) Things Fall Apart: “…reported that whith each” with
research Chiron vivisection: “so narrowly focussed focused
research Fireworm autopsy: “Function: To inflict as much damage through an incendiary explosion.” damage as possible through
research Mist Sentinel: “it is capable of emitting an viral airborne mist” a
research Poison Crossbow: “…a more tedious task that originally suggested.” than
research Siren Autopsy: “Multipedal variant is amored armored
research Siren Vivisection: “is in a weakend and receptive state” weakened
research Spawnery autopsy: “producing more advance Pandoran creatures” advanced
tutorial, pt. 2 After a mission ends, bleeding and disable limbs are cured disabled
tutorial, scav. site and voice by selecting the customizarion icon customization
tutorial, scav. site An Area Scan can only performed by an aircraft only be performed
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