All Bugs for backer buid 3

As the subject suggests, I wanted a nice crisp thread for people to read and comment all the different bugs discovered in backer build 3; aimed at informing the developers of issues.

  • Takes forever and a day for alien activity in the Geoscope. So far, no issues with said Geoscope.
  • Editing troops will alter encumbrance if there is an attachment to their armor, and only if you take off the armor and put it back on.
  • If troops are injured after a mission, the tab informs me of the injury AND says h to heal…
  • Alien turns in combat take one eternity to complete.
  • Spawning locations for aliens are far too close to soldiers. Lost a couple good Joes from being mobbed.
  • Overwatch sometimes doesn’t trigger on spawned crabmen.
  • Bleeding wounds sometimes don’t deal damage, especially if another crabman died to bleeding wounds in the same turn.
  • Heavy soldier will use up actions on near crates, even if no equipment was moved.

Thank you kindly. If you are having similar issues, or new issues, please leave a like and post your bugs in the comments below! =)


Had an issue where my 2 assaults kept teleporting back to a previous position(where i placed them in one of the early turns), no matter where i moved them on the map for the rest of the turns. It only seem to happen though after taking a shot (normally or from overwatch).

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Maybe put the thread in bug reporting - not game feedback?

Btw. If you think that spawn is too close then move away. :wink:

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Moving and locking this thread.

  1. It was in the wrong subforum.
  2. We already have a known bugs thread.