Two quick questions please (Inventory, Hunker down)

  1. Why does it cost 25% of your AP just to look into your inventory? I can understand it costing 25% to move items into or out of it but as a brand new player I keep using the inventory to look at the stats of the weapons/items that I am carrying and it’s costing my teammates action points every time I want a quick look -Is there another way to look at the stats of your weapons/items without going into your inventory?

  2. I can’t see an option to hunker down next to a piece of light cover, does the game automatically hunker down if you have remaining AP at the end of your turn or is their simply no hunker down option?

  1. It’s a bug with heavy and technician armour combined with attachements.
  2. No option as such. But your soldiers will automatically hunker down when they are near low cover, no matter how much AP they have.
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Ah ok, thanks for that Yokes, I’m glad that’s not intended and excellent I suspected they were hunkering down but just didn’t have an option to make them manually do it :grinning: