Thoughts on vehicles?

I haven’t found spare resources to make/use vehicles; in particular is the scarab good or not? I’ve heard it both ways - not worth the effort, and totally worth the effort. And what about those funny single seat support vehicles?

Side question: how many slots does the scarab use on your DEPLOY card? I’m aware that it costs 3 space inside your aircraft but does it count towards the usual 8 man limit?

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Well, lets see them:
Scarab: it has 4 ammo, it shot 1 ammo (3AP), this ammo are 2 missile that deal around 100dmg each
it will replenish ammo while on the manticore in geoscope mode
it can carry your men around
it use 3 slot on the manticore to lead
Jericho: it has like 6-7 ammo (cant remember) and is a bit better than the machine gun
1000hp, good to put in front of your men to get cover or as fake target for the enemy, (in combo with the Technician is great)
use 3 slot on the manticore
Anu: havent tried yet, just killed a bunch… but looks like it regenerate HP on kill, has poison dmg, and can leap up to 10 tile
Synidreon: haven’t tried or seen yet…

to me, 3 slot on a team for a vehicle is too much… even with the Anu’s airship (that can load up to 8 soldier) is still too much for me.
3 men give me more ground control and a more versatile kind of dps to spread across the map…
to answer your side quesiton:
yep, it does count towards the usual 8 man limit

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Well if you use 2 ships together they can field the vehicle and setill have 7 soldiers, does that sound reasonable?

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No, the mission slots are still limited to 8 (on normal missions), and the vehicles still take 3 of them.
Overall, i wouldn’t take a vehicle in my team with current game mechanics. They take too much slots for a very limited use.

Scarab is the best with his missiles.

The New Jericho vehicle is very durable, but its gun is ridiculously bad.

The overcraft of Synedrion can heal or stun on contact, it’s really bad.

The mutogs are really funny, but don’t deal enough damage to be really effective. They can be good bullet magnets though ^^

As others said, I prefer to take soldiers everytime, they are much more efficient, and by the way, can progress by gaining xp.

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Yea, I’ve only found one good use for vehicles… they’re great early on before tge enemy health buffs! And after that they’re ok on ambush missions for the quick get away once the time expires.

So I really only make then early on and then solely use them for exploration. And after the maps is explored for posting at bases. That’s it…

Final verdict, I hope they find a way to make them useful with proper balance.

Personally, I find vehicles to be pointless. Even mutogs. All the youtube videos telling you that you should build a scarab ASAP is bullshit. You should instead use that resource to build a training or manufacturing plant which makes a lot of difference in the early game. The fire support from the Scarab is not worth 3 slots. In fact, with 3 slots and boom blast, I could throw up to 9 explosives across the screen in 1 turn rather than jsut 2 from the scarab.

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Ok what killed it for me is taking 3/8 soldier slots in the mission itself. Thanks for the info guys.

Vehicles are useful in a pinch. I managed to defend a haven against a “Queen”, a Siren, and the usual underlings with just two crossbow/spider gun equipped infiltrators, a sniper and an Armadillo.

The Scarab is also great on a citadel raid or any open map where big game may be. Also not bad on resource maps because they can tank damage and distract enemies.

Not something I’d bring to every fight but they aren’t intended to be.

I think for a bit if realism and balance the ram mechanic should be reintroduced. Why can’t a large vehicle like the apc run over a man size or smaller target? I had one mission, one fire worm left with apc both on the far side of the map and the vehicle refused to drive over it in the middle of the road. Took another two turns to get a trooper there to kill it.


Agree. In previous builds, when you get Armadillo it would open new tactical moves for you. You could ram aliens, break down walls and in general it felt powerful as an actual upgrade to your team.


Agreed with most of the opinion for vehicle rgd the slots used. But, one good use i found is that U can put ur ppl in them and move around. No need to worry about mind control. Enter and exit from vehicle doesn’t cost any AP. And, can put 4 in . So, i got one mission with 3 sirens. So, i put my 4 soldiers in the Armadillo to move near Sirens, get one to come out shoot twice and go back in. Then, next and next. Since my soldiers are in the vehicle, mine control doesn’t work. With 1000HP of Armadillo, it can really take the damage. So, can just move around with the soldiers in, get out shoot and go back in.

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True, but instead of a vehicle you can have 3 snipers hybrids that can deal with 2-3 sirens a turn, depending on their level. Another issue is that places like lairs and nests, where sirens can do an easy jump on you, are really difficult for the vehicles now. Back in BB3 (maybe BB4) they where excellent, as you could ram obstacles (all the stones and corals) and jam corridors completely with Armadillo, making sure that no one comes from that side. Now there are many spots that are unpassable until you break obstacles using hellcannon.
Imho it’s too situational for my personal playstyle. If we would know what kind of mission we are going for, then keeping a vehicle at base for those special missions would be nice. Like if I’m going to raid Synderion for research, I could grab armadillo and laugh at their crossbows.


Agreed. It’s useless at the liars. I don’t have high level hybrid snipers yet. :slight_smile:

Here’s a funny anecdote:
I just tried a 20-strength Have Defense with an NJ Aramadillo, along with an infiltrator, sniper/heavy, and assault/heavy.

The enemy had TWO chirons, who each launched FOUR fireworms.

Having 1/2 my team be such a crappy machine gun made us unable to deal with this; 2 slipped in, scorching up the infiltrator who’s head burns away and he panics, the other 2 pile into the Aramadillo and does the only thing it’s good for: running away.

That Haven was lost needless to say.

I tested the Armadillo recently and I am not very impressed.

Sure, the rockets do lots of damage but they can only shot 6 times so they aren’t ideal for prolonged battles (like Haven defences at Heavy or Extreme threat levels).
After that is absolutely useless, since it cannot even Ram enemies.
Yes it could be a fire magnet, but a very expensive one!

Haven’t tried the NJ one yet, because before the patch it was without a weapon…

I hope they do one of the following to improve it:

  1. Increase the amount of ammo that is loaded.
  2. allow again to Ram enemies, in a more balanced way that BB.

Bought could be dedicated research projects, it would be quite cool

The problem with the vehicle is that it cannot be customized.


True. Imagine an Armadillo with a laser turret instead of that gat.

Now would be the time to quote Hudson’s speech from Aliens inside the APC.

BINGO!!! Vehicle customization is completely missing from the game.

except for the first few fights, which I guess gives them some meaning since for some reason we are not allowed to recruit anyone unless we randomly stumble upon a haven from another faction that happens to have a recruit … gah … i hate that aspect so much :expressionless: almost as much as return fire …

They need something to scale them with. They also can not navigate lairs/nests while lairs are usually the maps where you kinda want to bring a strong setup.