Armored Car vs 4 fighters?

I found a recruitable car in one of the settlements. And cant really see a Car be better then for core Infantry.

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It is better than 4 basic soldiers. But when they level up then Armadillo becomes underpowered. You will probably love it in cases where you will need extra armor and protection. Right now when enemies can’t threaten experienced soldiers it is not really “wanted” addition to the team.

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Thx for quick reply.

Also, I’ve heard in the final game that we will be able to upgrade our manticore with more carrying capacity, oe perhaps get a new dropship entirely! So we will eventually have missions where we have more room to field vehicles while still fielding a strong squad. Last I heard missions will alow up to 16 squad size.


This is more likely than upgrade.

But didn’t they mention that 16 soldiers will be in rare case scenarios?

It’s likely that the large squad size missions few and far between yea! But maybe there will be some in between as well, like maybe 10-12 won’t be too uncommon at a certain point. But this is all.just speculation… just have to wait and see.

The only thing is, let say you could fit in 16 soldiers or eight and two cars. I still think 8 more soldiers is better sadly. The car is not cost effective for what it does. Its cool yes. but thats about it.

how do you find it? I never find nothing, just box with items.

When you explore the global map, sometimes there is a recruit, and rarely there is a car. I found 4 so far.

NJ Soldiers (Assault, Sniper, Heavy and Technician) and NJ Armadillo (armored APC with machine gun) can be recruited in havens. Some of them have such event - and if you refuse the first time, there is description in pop up window after hovering over haven, and when your dropship is there there is icon on the bottom of the screen to recruit unit. Remember that Armadillo is quite expensive.

PX Soldiers (Assault, Sniper and Heavy) and PX Scarab (APC with missiles) can be found in Phoenix Bases. You get them for free.

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You recruit him there at the same moment you find him? Or at the end of the mission, they give it to you and from the next missions it is available?

Yes. But if there is alien attack on that haven you can’t recruit unit until you run mission in this haven and you win it.

I just realized something while writing in other thread. We don’t know how often will mission pop out and how many soldiers we will have, BUT remember that:

  • soldiers will need to heal and rest (at least i think there will be such delay factor) after many missions
  • soldiers will also have some mental and health (like virus infection) conditions which will probably require them to stay at healing facility for some more time than in case of healing wounds
  • you will probably want some soldiers to stay in base just to not leave it unprotected in case of enemy attack.
  • repairing a vehicle may be faster than healing a soldier
  • vehicles are immune to many different attack types (like fire, poison, will/virus, will/panic, scream/stun) which makes them valuable counter measure for enemies with such attacks

So i suppose you won’t be able to send full 8 soldier squads each time you want. In such case I would prefer to have 4 soldiers and APC instead of just 5 or 6 soldiers.

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