Vehicles and transports

So, I noticed in the description for the first vehicle the scarab. It states it has room to carry four soldiers, cool. However, It takes up three spaces on a transport. So you’re reduced to taking 3 soldiers with you, I thought it’d only take up two spaces and player’s wouldn’t be able to take two on a mission or a single transport.

This just strikes me as a bit odd, seeing as the basic transport only fits 6 people. The Synedrion transport only fits 5 people. I think they take up too much space on transports and would reduce it to two spaces. Another odd thing is that the Manticore (Phoenix’s) transport in the cut scene appears to have a separate space for the troops and a vehicle. Which is another odd design feature.

Come to think of it, I’d probably make each transport more unique by giving them special properties. Like the Phoenix one being able to carry one vehicle along side its 6 troops. Great for all round deployment, possibly a bit overpowered.

The synedrion one I’d make unable to carry vehicles due to its small size but have the ability to restore soldier health and stamina away from the base. Perfect for maintaining a small strike force of troops, I may also reduce it to four soldiers as a trade off for this ability.

I’d have the Disciples of Anu’s unable to carry traditional vehicles but able to carry mutogs at a reduced capacity, limited to two. Alternatively I might have it generate mutagens passively since its part organic, but also cost food in upkeep. Perfect for raising and fielding a mutant army.

As for the New Jericho transport I know nothing about it at time of posting, if it’s a large military craft maybe it could carry a maximum of two vehicles that take up space normally as opposed to being an extra special slot. (two spaces in this case). Alternatively I’d suggest it have a built in training centre or provide small amounts of resources. Perfect for keeping the military machine well oiled.

I’d like to see customisation for vehicles in the future, like engines to determine speed. Different weights of armour that affect the speed, heavier = more protection but slower kind of deal. Swap out weapon turrets, have two weapons. An additional slot for an ability.

Each vehicle could also have unique properties within his customisation system. The synedrion one could have two additional slots for twice the abilities, like healing and maybe an armour buff. Trade off is it only has one weapon slot and can’t use heavy armour.

The phoenix vehicle could be the standard having two weapon slots an ability slot and access to all armours.

The new Jericho vehicle could have three weapon slots but lack an ability slot and only use medium and heavy armours.

These are just a few ideas I have to add to the variety of factions and their technologies along side some ideas for vehicles in game.

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The Syndrion Aircraft carry 5 troops.
PP 6 troops, 3 if you take a Land.
I think Land vehicles take up to much room compare to what the give.

Or you could spend the same resources on building as many turrets as you can and have a single guy in your team deploy them in every mission. Cost wise this should be more efficient than a vehicle, kill wise it might overplay it quite a bit. But no idea if there is a max amount of turrets per map you can deploy.

Yeah the vehicles do not make sense to me. Ok they’re good for firing long range, but I tend to make more damage with 6 people. If the vehicles can carry troops then make it so you have to put them inside it at the start of the map. You get the advantage of having a mobile unit, but some of the guys need to disembark first.
Also it would be cool if you’d have to put 1-2 soldiers inside a vehicle to be able to reload it or even drive it (driver and a gunner). That way it’s always useful.
As of right now I only used it when I didn’t have a full second squad at my disposal.

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The scarab is so overpowered right now, it’s not even funny. I’ve survived threat: extreme missions on one setting up from default without taking more than one shot. The remote missiles do a lot of damage, and can reach any part of the map if you’re in the middle (I think the maps are a bit too small, really).

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I don’t know how it can be called overpowered:

  • takes ages to build
  • take a ton of resources to build
  • take a lot of space in drop ship
  • expels all ammunition in just few turns
  • not capable of running over even smallest of enemies
  • huge target for enemies and can be seen across the map
  • very poor armor
  • has directional armoring in a game where you can’t rotate your unit to face specific direction unless you move

Yes, bombarding bunch of crabs from a distance is fun but if you replace it with 3 heavies you get so much more firepower and versatility. Vehicles are too situational in this type of game. If it would work in a mission by mission basis like X-Com did, they could be useful to be taken for some type of mission. In PP, where most missions are pretty much random encounters, you hardly know if vehicle will be useful at all.

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