Storage on the manticore

a few thing have been said about the goodies collected after a supply mission.

dont know if there is a max inventory on the manticore or not but heres my idea

have the choice or depositing items in the manticore or having a supply transport come to the site to pick up the items you dont want.

this could be represented by a little icon on the geoscape flying to the site and back again.

this could also add a new mission type that the transport could be targeted and brought down, this could result in a rescue and salvage operation. it would be a random encounter so it wouldnt happen every time, maybe if its flying in the mist zone.

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How bout we take your idea and make it even more simple. Weight Mechanic.

ok but what if your weight exceeds your limit?

Decreased range due to increased fuel consumption

like the idea, but you would have to fly around with a load of stuff you might not need. could implement your idea with mine!

There should be some space limit too, but weight threshold too. Those mission generated after transport being brought down I’m not sure if it is worth implementing. Maybe in later DLC where you could also intercept enemy transports and they all actually could do that. But if SG have time for it, then why not. But transports are definitely needed.

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@luxferro @ben @Yokes Something like this is in consideration. Allen has brought it up a couple of times on the Discord server

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Actually I remember Julian or Kevin talking about transports which can’t be targeted. :wink:

there’s that too

I’d really rather not have transports destructible. Just a gut feeling, but I’m pretty sure there’s already going to be enough going on that that would just get frustrating. I WOULD like to see a choice of post-mission scavenging… send in an aerial lifter and just grab the nicest stuff (or lightest) and bolt, or send in the ground haulers to spend several days picking the site clean.

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There was a plan for two mission places. First clean, next scavenge in the same site. With dynamic objectives and several outcomes after first mission.

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That works for me

Seems to me like there could be a trade-off: You can go to a site while taking less soldiers along, so you can carry more loot back with you in your aircraft, or you can fill your transport with max soldiers but only be able to take a few choice pieces of loot in turn.

the system Allen was talking about is one where you have the primary team go in and clear the site and then a second team moves in the salvage it with the chance of you have to go back and save them from reinforcements.

Whether that actually ends up being the system is an entirely different matter

Btw I wonder if it will be possible to give names to Manticores or other dropships. Having Manticore 1, Manticore 2, Manticore 3 is not really memorable which one is which.

Wasn’t it said that we could even rename enemy aliens?

It was, but Manticore is not an enemy. :smiley:

If the aliens can integrate weapons into their living tissue, they can very well integrate themselves into machines as vehicles. Maybe PP’ mankind finds out that even trust their own technology can’t be trusted.

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