Vehicles on Missions

I was just about to start the mission The Second Initiation with two Manticores and two Scarabs. On trying to start was informed only one vehicle is allowed, why? If I’m going to defeat a group of raiders I want superior numbers and equipment. It breaks (for me) the sense of realism and believability if you can’t take the equipment that you have or may need. It’s just yet another niggle that is beginning to put me off the game, and I really want to like it.


Hi Stewpidbear, If you speak about realism, don’t imagine to put 4 vehicles on a single airship :slight_smile: (just1 take 3/4 of the total space)

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I had two ships, one vehicle in each. Perhaps the vehicle space is more down to weight restrictions on the aircraft?

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It’s possible, or you’re right and the game just don’t want us to have too much advantage on a mission

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Which breaks the sense of realism and immersion. It makes me think that you can only play the game in very narrow parametres.

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Over a year later…

In my current hero game, I’ve gotten 0 save soldiers missions, but 5 recover vehicle missions. So the Tiamat crew was 2 scarabs + an assault + an infiltrator (without any proficient weapons) for quite a while. Good times (base defense, crates), except on the missions (haven defense, vehicle rescue) where only 1 vehicle is allowed.

This seems like a limit that can be removed.