Vehicle Gun Turret Auto Fire

So this entirely subjective. Not a must or anything, but I’ve was thinking that perhaps the program running the deployable Turret could also be implemented into the Vehicle Gun Turret (lore-wise speaking?)

How I’d implement this is to have the Vehicle Gun Turret behave like the deployable Turret whenever nobody is inside the Armadillo. I’d like to think that this isn’t entirely improbable to have this as an option.

But, you’d have to Toggle this feature “On” before leaving the Armadillo.


Perhaps not as a standard feature, but I could see that being an option for research once available. What about reloading ammunition though?

Slightly off-topic but can the gun on the armadillo be destroyed the same as weapons in solders hands can? I haven’t seen it happen but I would be interested to hear if anybody knows for sure.


I believe destruction of parts of vehicle (its limb disabled, queen attacks or multiple crabs with good hit/grenades) can lead to turret unusable. Until technician jumps in.

On topic: Real auto targeting is sci-fi but would make it too easy. I for auto fire for all as quick unprecise 3 burst shot (or as it was most of less powerful weapons).

So no to automatic firing response mode other then implemented, but yes to user auto fire animated like mini gunner in current release.

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An auto-turret for the vehicle might be a nifty research project later in the gam :smiley:


Hmm well since it requires a person to drive it, I just assume it should remain manual. It’s less effective for it to be automatic. This makes more sense for vehicles with a computer on board imo.

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