Enviromental Destruction Needs More Logic

I’m really digging the destruction being caused by either the Queen and Armadillo, but at the same time both the Vehicle and Queen seem to get stuck a bit too easily. Especially the Armadillo after ramming. Pretty sure this will already be looked into, but just thought I’d mention it.

At the same time, both destroy buildings too easily. I can think of situations in which this is okay and I can think of situations in which the vehicle simply cannot ram through a wall because it’s just too fortified. Either way, I’m confident this will also be looked into for te sake of balance and fun, non cheesy gameplay.

With regards to environmental destruction needing more logic, I mean that I often see bits and pieces of a building still floating on nothing or other pieces of wall magically standing while they should logically just crumble beneath the weigth of it all. Especially towers etc.

Also barrels and gas tanks that are red (and red in the gaming world means explosive) should cause explosions when destroyed by the likes of bullets, rockets and grenades.

These are all issues which we are aware of and are he to be implemented or are slated to be fixed during development.


Didn’t they said that environment is so weak to test overall destruction mechanic?

I’m afraid that objects will float if their lower parts will be destroyed. Lets hope not. :wink: We will see.

Remember that not every flamable or explosive object should explode after being hit by bullets. You need incendiary ammo or explosives to set it on fire.


That would mostly depend on where the fight is happening, stuff becomes more volatile the closer to Hollywood you get, so we’ll have to wait for the strategic layer to get proper implementation :smiley:


New updates on destructible environments looks so promising! Thank you team! -)

One question though - will all the debris remain on the ground as it collapses? It seems to me in FXcom and other 3d games such feature was removed (probably because of memory issue).

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extraordinary sofa!

I doubt that. Programming soldier’s movement system and animations adjusting to all kind of debris would be too demanding.

Maybe they remain as impassibile terrain, and if soldiers are trapped under it, a crawling animation is used to get out (or they just remain there unconscious until the end of the battle, if they survive at all).

I would prefer disappearing debris than one blocking the way

Unless there would be action for soldier to remove that debris. Too much possible situations where you would block the way in narrow corridors / passages / hallways. But that crawling thing is interesting. :wink: I would only set soldier unconcious if there would be enough damage done by falling debris.

“Graphical Fluff” to indicate “damage to AP for this/next turn” (you do spend your time crawling out instead of… doing other stuff) or a “movement indicator”, giving a “movement AP penalty” to moving “in debris” (and other environments impeding movement)?

Which one sounds more interesting? :smiley:

Can somebody explain me how can scyla walk through buildings with thick concrete walls without even slowing down? And if it can destroy thick concrete walls why then top floor doesn’t collapse and make some damage to it?

Laser should deflect off the glass :star_struck:. Thanks.