Armadillo Operations

Am I missing something here but the manticore (Armadillo) appears to have no option to reload so you get eight shots and then it’s pretty much useless except as a ram or safe envirnoment?

You mean the Armadillo APC? I ask because the Manitcore is the transport plane.

Currently the APC doesn’t have the ability to reload, but the game is in pre-alpha. That will be on the list of things to add

Do not underestimate Ram ability. :joy:

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Sorry, I meant the Armadillo doh!

Will have to try, never actually rammed an alien yet.

Good advice, the ram ability tried any two dead aliens resulted :grin:

Armadillo + alien nest cave full of newly spawned crab men, crammed into the tunnel in front of you = Ram ability FTW! (Followed by 5 minutes of solid laughing!)

I hope they have an achivement for most kills with single ram, or a tally. I never have be able to gather up that many kills again since but the ram ability is a good alternate attack. Adds a bit of variety to the tactical game.

While people were complaining about injuries / death in BB2, I was laughing along the way to the bank (every soldier at 100% HP; some temporary injuries that would affect campaign, but kept 100% entire time otherwise).

Oh no a Queen has appeared, Ram 1, oh wow it’s disarmed [ :slight_smile: ], Ram 2 now it ded. (biggest) issue I’ve had with the APC was weird firing angles for soldiers using it as cover. A Queen (and about everything else) couldn’t kill it, but a soldier shooting through open air could immediately turn it into a trash heap [ :frowning: ].

Yea, what ever you do, do not use it as rolling cover for a couple firecat launchers!

Two of those badboys explode into the back of the armadillo and the thing is not worth bringing home anymore.