Do Armadillos not ram anymore?

So, I went to a lot of trouble and expense to create an armadillo and a manticore to fly it so I could use the armidillo as a reinforcer for my small squads on tough missions. But when the battle started, I found that while the Armidillo’s gun still worked as I remembered it (underwhelming and incapable of being upgraded) the vehicle no longer had a ram option, and could even drive over concrete planters or even a mindfragger that had parked itself in front of it. I eventually had to get my crew to dismount and shoot the mindfragger (under fire the whole time) so that the Armadillo could move forward again. What am I missing about the Armadillo? Is it actually as useless as it seems?

It’s twice as tanky as the scarab and takes 0 days to build instead of 5?

There are some very peculiar limitations on vehicles that make no sense. Even Ripley in Aliens used the apc to ram some of the xenomorphs!

So I have not imagined that and they did indeed ram in previous builds … unfortunate

It’s hard to not be sassy about the fact that RF and dash were kept while ram was removed :expressionless:

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Must say ramming was a bit too op, but i’ll love to see it return with a little nerf. Having, for exemple, damage done to the vehicle based on ennemy armor, multiplied by the ennemy “tile size” (so a significant bigger ennemy damage more) the vehicle, will make sense, and the damage dealth to the vehicle should keep this “one shot move” to limited uses, while still having it on hand in case you want to smash a queen. Because hell yeah, ramming a big giant crab for showing them that technology is also a cool toom, and that tentacle aren’t the only way, is fun ! xD

Vehicles are kind of useless now. First, they are not really “tanky” as bunch of basic crabs with machineguns will tear them piece by piece over couple of turns. Their ammunition is limited and their build cost is way above of what it takes to equip couple of soldiers. As they run our of ammo you have to pull them out of battle as they can’t be used even as movable cover, for a simple fact of being able to be shot to pieces. So then you are left with a much smaller squad that you could have.

Ram ability is what made them really cool in past as you could make additional openings or outright terrorize simple pandorains, they actually made a difference in tactics. Now it’s just a noob trap for wasting resources and time.

I used my vehicle to aggro Chirons and other Pandas and draw their fire. Once or twice I was able to destroy a wall by driving it close, but that was pure luck I suppose.