User control dissappears after reloading medgun

I’m on windows 10.

Hey. I was on a assault mission and i had one ammo on my medgun. i accidentally pressed the reload button and all the icons disappears and i cannot control my soldiers. I can still scroll through the map, but any control is gone. Music is still playing. I had to quit the game by closing the window.

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Is it possible that you could have accidentally hit F2 ? This toggles the UI on and off for taking screenshots.

Nope… I can reproduce it. When i have one ammo on the medgun and try to reload it. all my UI disappears including the top right menu buttons. The only item shown is the objectives on upper left. I did not hit F2 for screenshot. I cannot interact with anything on the screen, but can scroll around the map.

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One for you @gamingmechanoid

Interesting as no one saw this before. I have reloaded medkit few times and didn’t spot anything unusual. :slight_smile:
@Glowcew how many spare medkit recharges did you have in your backpack? Nevermind. Just checked that even one is enough to hang the UI.

Yeah, the medkit one is very old. It got into the build. I said that it should be fixed several times but we also had other even more critical issues. It was a mess really.

Yeah. Saw this before ages ago. It’s a restart the game job.

Cool. Glad I can help. At least you guys know it is still in the build and can fix it soon. :slight_smile: