Hang in nest mission after using medikit

Game was still running, but i was unable to cliick any icons and keyboard stopped responding, could still move with game creen around map but nothing else, sounds were playing, reminds me you should really add some save limited function into missions, getting crash or hang up during 30 min mission is frustrating as hell with no chance of saving and replaying everything from scratch.


I’m waiting for another topic about that…

It didnt hang after reloading but after using the medikit, also i dont have time to browse whole bug report forums liek you do bro ;]

Same, issue. Windows 10, lost HUD on med recharge. I had to start again after rebooting game and got through by using technician medical interventions instead.

There is search box in the top of forum. You don’t need to read all threads. :wink:

Ill do it next time, but i think its good there is multiple threads at lest it shows devs its important bug :smiley: freeze and hang bugs should be out of the game during release so it doesn’t drive off people, you know small bugs are ok but when you hang in mission especially at the start of the game when everything is a biit hard with no save option it can drive some people into rage :smiley:

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We know it’s an important bug (all bugs are important). It’s been reported many times. A fix won’t be seen until the next build though. Bugs are to be expected in the pre-alpha build.