Cannot enter shooting interface

I started a new campaign to play with the new DLC and started the Anu intro quest mission and every time I try to either press F or click on the icon to enter the shooting interface the game just wigs out and I cannot actually order my soldiers to shoot or even enter free aim. This has rendered the game unplayable. Is there anything I can do on my end to fix this bug?

I don’t recall seeing this one before…

If you haven’t already, please report it via F10, as that way it reaches the devs with all the data.

And apologies if it sounds patronizing, but did you try the usual - disabling mods (if you are running any), verifying the integrity of the game files, reinstalling the game…?

I did the usually of verifying the game and whatnot I did not know about the F10 reporting I’ll do so now.

This is really depressing as I cannot play even with Festering skies disabled. This patch has made the game entirely unplayable for me.

Do you have any mods installed? No one was mentioning such bug before. So it is really uncommon

I do not have any mods, I’ve done a fresh install 3 times now and its persistant

Do you have more than one controller active? If so, unplug the ones you are not using.

I’m having a different, but related related bug. Often times, when I click “free aim”, my unit instead just shoots instead of entering aim mode. I haven’t figured out the rhyme or reason. It doesn’t happen every time. I would guess that it is about 1 time in 30. This has only been since the Behemoth update. For reference, I am currently continuing a game started before Festering Skies dropped. All other DLC’s are installed and active. It may resolve when I start a new game, I don’t know. But, right now it is very annoying (particularly when I am just trying to use free aim with a low AP weapon to decide if quick shot is worth it for a high AP weapon).

It just happened to me on an assault/sniper with a shotgun equipped (luckily, this time I was going to shoot anyway, and the accidental shot killed the target)

I only have the keyboard and mouse nothing else is connected